15 Ways to Be More Active In Everyday Life

15 Ways to Be More Active In Everyday Life

Wondering how you can be more active in today’s sedentary lifestyle? So many of us spend hours in front of screens, whether at work, watching television, or reading things online. This level of inactivity can sometimes lead to weight gain, fatigue, or an increased risk of certain health issues. In our experience, active people are healthier and happier.

Here’s a list of 15 ways you can be more active in your everyday life:

  1. Volunteer – Whether it’s participating at a food shelter, helping the elderly, or pitching in at a fundraiser. Not only will you be keeping busy on your feet, you’ll also be spreading joy throughout your community.
  2. Seek natureHike local trails, go kayaking in a nearby river, take a camping trip…anything outdoors is likely to help you be more active by walking, climbing, rowing, etc.
  3. Find culture – Make a weekly habit of walking through exhibits at local museums. You will enrich your view on topics pertaining to each museum, and keep active as you explore the exhibits.
  4. Be a basket case – When you only have a few things to pick up at the store, use a basket instead of a shopping cart. It will be like a mini weightlifting session, and if you’re a spontaneous shopper, it can become quite the workout!
  5. Go fly a kite – On the next windy spring day, stop by the lakefront, a large park, or your favorite open field and fly a kite. The challenge of getting the kite in the sky…and keeping it there…will have you moving, perhaps even running a bit, and feeling like a kid again.
  6. Play ball – Start or join a softball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, or soccer league with your friends.
  7. Do your choresSpring cleaning is more than just a way to spruce up your space after a long winter, it’s also a great way to be more active around the house.
  8. Dance like nobody’s watching – Skip evening drinks with the girls and go out dancing or sign up for weekly dance lessons. Not quite bold enough to let loose in public? Put a little pizazz behind your everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning, by playing your favorite music and shake it while you work.
  9. Plant a garden – The entire process of planting a garden will keep you active. From planting it in the spring to tending it throughout the summer to cutting it back in the fall. Bonus: plant a vegetable garden and learn the true meaning of sustainability and save money on nutritious food to boot!
  10. Walk to the park – Whether you’re alone or with the family, there’s always something to enjoy at local parks.
  11. Get a clue – Make monthly scavenger hunts with the kids to earn prizes like a week of no dish-duty or an extra sleepover night. You’ll keep yourself busy creating ideas and hiding the clues, and the kids will be active searching for their clues. Want more fun? Reverse the adventure and have the kids plan the scavenger hunt for you!
  12. Pace around – We all have that one family member that keeps us on the phone for hours each week. Make the most of your call by pacing the house or yard while you chat. Or, use your hands-free headset while you talk and do a few chores or exercises during the convo.
  13. Rearrange – Maybe it’s time for a change and you just don’t know it yet! Rearrange your house, one room at a time. Furniture is heavy, and the little things will keep you busy moving them to and fro. If you aren’t happy with it, move everything back. Either way, you’ve tried something different and kept yourself active while you were giving it a go.
  14. Travel on two wheelsDust off those bicycles hanging in the garage and take them for a spin. Ride to the post office to mail your bills, ride to the bank to cash your paycheck, or just ride around the block or to the park with the kids. Either way, you’ll be making good use of your bike and you’ll be more active.
  15. Coach the kids – Instead of watching your kid’s little league game, volunteer to be a coach. It’ll be quite the rewarding experience, and you’ll keep active playing the sport instead of watching it.

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