Are You Up for a March Madness Fitness Challenge?

March Madness Fitness Challenge

Let the madness of March begin! You’ve spent hours laboring over your bracket until it was filled with absolute NCAA basketball perfection. Your living room has been transformed into your personal March Madness command center, you’re ready to do some bball power watching right?

Now, what if, instead of spending the next 2.5 weeks glued to your super comfy March Madness commander’s chair, you made it into a bit of a fitness game? Huh? Before you roll your eyes and mutter your disapproval of that idea to your computer screen (or mobile device), read the idea out.

The DailyBurn made this fantastic March Madness Workout Bracket, it’s a huge image so we’ll try to break it down a bit with the full version linked at the end.

How It Works

  • Exercises for each division focuses on a different body part
  • Each team is paired with a specific exercise
  • The bracket round determines the duration for each exercise, as the rounds advance, the duration increases, gradually, from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Note: This is just a hypothetical sample bracket but you can adapt it for the teams/seeds every year.
  • EXAMPLE:  Lets take the Colorado – Pittsburgh game. We picked Pittsburgh to win so, before the game is played, we do single leg deadlifts for 30 seconds. We watch the game and Pittsburgh wins, well, more like crushes, Colorado so before the start of their second round game, we do another 30 seconds of single leg deadlifts.March Madness Workout Bracket.png 1670×3526

Feel very free to scale back on this to suit your fitness level, we don’t want you to pass out and miss all the NCAA action.

Stellar Benefits

  • Full body workout
  • Exercise progression
  • Short duration for each exercise
  • Get a head start on your rockin’ summer beach body (everyone else plans to wait until the day the temp first breaks 65)
  • You don’t have to leave your command center

Let us know who you pick and what shape your March Madness Workout takes!