The Most Absurd Health Myths We’ve Seen Online

The Most Absurd Health Myths We've Seen Online

We’ve all seen them, from Google Search to our Facebook Newsfeed, absurd health myths aren’t hard to stumble upon. Unfortunately, not all of them are as transparent as we’d like them to be. So, here’s just a few that we wanted to make sure to call out.

Myth: 30-Day 6 Pack Workouts In General

Fact: Each person’s body is different. For a visible 6 pack, the body must be under a certain body fat percentage. 30-day ab workouts seen online are a great way to begin working on one’s core strength but visible results may vary by person.

Myth: A Cayenne Pepper and Lemon Juice Cleanse Will Fix My Body

Background: The Lemon Juice and Cayenne Pepper cleanse often referred to as “The Master Cleanse” was a wonder diet that was supposed to cleanse the body of toxins and cause weight loss just with a simple drink.

Fact: There are no real wonder ingredients that will cause fat on the body to fully diminish. Although there are foods that help stimulate the body the only real way to lose weight is through proper diet and exercise.


Myth: Cardio Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Just Look At Track Runners

Fact: Cardio is great for the heart and for one’s health but it burns fewer calories than one would hope and it partially blocks the development of muscle mass. For the toned look that most desire a mixture of high-intensity cardio and proper weight lifting is suggested.

Myth: You Need To Work Out Constantly To Be Healthy. No Down Time=No Fat

Fact: Recovery time is just as important as working out. Without proper time to recover muscles don’t have time to develop and build. So sit back and put your feet up and be healthy.

Myth: A Protein Shake or a Smoothie Can Replace Meals

Fact: Nothing works as a total meal replacement. A balanced diet is essential to one’s health and well-being.

Myth: My Friend Said the More You Sweat the Less Fat You Have

Fact: Sweat is the bodies natural cooling mechanism. There are plenty of unpleasant times that we sweat and are not burning fat. Working out rigorously can help with weight loss but some people naturally sweat buckets and some hardly sweat at all. That doesn’t mean they both aren’t burning the same amount of calories.

Myth: Morning Workouts Burn More Fat Because My Body Gets Kickstarted

Fact: There is no specific time that burns more fat in the body. The body does thrive on repetition though so make a schedule. So sleep in if you want, just make it a point to work out at some point during the day.

Myth: Women and Men Need Different Workouts Because We Are Different

Fact: Both men and women have the same muscle groups and should focus on training all of them. Although men tend to bias the upper half of their bodies and women tend to bias the lower half, it is imperative to work all muscle groups for proper stability and strength.

Myth: I Can Eat the Whole Buffet If I Workout Later

Fact: Although we tend to feel exercise is a good fat burner it can only do so much. If your daily calorie intake exceeds your calories burned by a fair amount then it is an up hill battle. We still must live within some parameters to keep ourselves healthy. (Also, avoid the buffet they encourage eating too much and those sneeze guards can only do so much!)

Myth: I Stretched, Now I Am Indestructible

Fact: Stretching can be a good start to a workout but it can also cause muscle fatigue like any physical activity. Although your muscles can feel looser, studies have shown that even if you stretch you are equally as likely to get injured. Staying properly hydrated and eating well may help prevent most cramping and injury.


Myth: Eating Small Amounts of Clay Helps Me Lose Weight

Fact: I know this one is out there and if I have to explain it you either have common sense or it is too late. This is an actual diet fad that happened where people were consuming clay to help themselves feel satiated and eat less. This is extremely dangerous though. Clay is not digestible and is very aggressive inside your digestive system.

Myth: Sports Drinks Are The Best Way To Rehydrate

Fact: It’s sugar, water, corn syrup, flavoring, and artificial dye. Just Drink Water. Your body will thank you.

Myth: I Can Lose Weight in Just My Thighs

Fact: This is referred to as spot training. You cannot burn fat in specific areas. It just isn’t that easy. The body pulls and burns fat from everywhere to use as energy. You can tone muscle groups in certain areas which will sculpt everything out but getting rid of fat from one area is simply not a thing.

Myth: I Worked Out Today I Should Be Shredded Like the Greek Gods

Fact: Muscles are a very complex part of the body. They take time to develop just like how you take time to grow into an adult. You shouldn’t expect to pick up a dumbbell and have the mighty power of Zeus later that day.

Myth: I’m Working Out But Still Gaining Weight I’m Doing It Wrong

Fact: Muscle mass weighs more than fat does but takes up far less space. This means you can be visibly smaller but be heavier. This is where the Body Mass Index scale is skewed. You can go to the doctor and be told your BMI is 25 classifying you as obese but in all actuality, you might be in the best shape of your life with nicely toned muscle.

Sick of trying to figure out fact from fiction on your own? Well, that’s what our certified personal trainers and nutrition staff are here to help with! Don’t hesitate to ask the next time you’re in the club. Together we can cut through all the junk online and instead focus on real, lasting lifestyle changes and results!

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