7 Steps to Improve Your Confidence

7 Steps to Improve Your Confidence

“Be confident.” It’s easier said than done. Confidence is an ability that we all possess and do both consciously and unconsciously throughout the day, yet we are all guilty of falling victim to our fears, doubts, and intimidations.

As a Peak Performance and Mindset Coach, I develop techniques and methods that are simple to follow but still pack a powerful punch. The “7 Point Confidence Checklist” is intended for the individual to reflect on their current self and abilities, ultimately guiding them towards pronounced confidence.

This checklist can be used anytime, but most effectively used during your preparation before your performance as a guide, and moment’s right before your performance as a reminder to yourself that you can do it!

7 Point Confidence Checklist:

  • Self-Esteem — Do I love myself unconditionally?
  • Self-Confidence — Do I believe in myself before the action?
  • Create Trusted Confidence — Did I perform appropriate actions during my preparation?
  • Overconfidence — Do I possess any of this?
    • “Blowfish” — Deep down I’m scared, but artificially act “tough.”
    • I think I’m “good enough” — Thinking I’m “superior” and/or thinking I don’t need to prepare.
  • Pre-Exposed Confidence — Have I been in a similar situation before?
  • Reassurance Confidence — What are the positive takeaways from the pre-exposed experience?
  • Earned Confidence — Why do I deserve to succeed?
    • “I earned this opportunity to compete and perform to my best ability, because I love myself, I believe in myself, I trust in my ability, I know my strengths and areas to improve and I’ve learned, developed and grown from my past experiences. I am ready…LET’S GO!”

All of your answers should be “Yes,” except for the overconfidence part, with specific details for your reasoning.

I hope this calms your nerves going into your next big performance!

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Written by Shae McNamara, ICF Certified Peak Performance Coach & Dual Professional Athlete

Shae received a basketball scholarship to Marist College, was a dual professional athlete and American trailblazer into the AFL Australian Football League. He is certified under the ICF, International Coaching Federation and is an experienced peak performance coach for elite athletes globally.

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