7 Reasons You DON’T Need to "Start" on a Monday

7 Reasons You DON’T Need to “Start” on a Monday

Does this sound familiar? You snuck a donut from the office café, then decided to have an extra serving of pasta for dinner, then thought, “It’s okay, I will start eating healthy and working out on Monday!”

For some reason many people have this idea that starting a healthy lifestyle should start on a specific day – like New Years, the day after their birthday, or “next Monday.”

The reality is that you can start eating healthier, exercising more, and practicing good habits at any time!

Here are 7 reasons you shouldn’t put off your healthy lifestyle until Monday:

1. You would be putting your happiness on hold.

Eating healthy and exercising have a lot of positive benefits. Studies have confirmed that your mood can improve instantly after exercising! This is a response to your body releasing feel-good hormones during and after high-intensity workouts.

Need an instant pick-me-up? Don’t wait. Just hit the gym!

2. You could miss out on meeting someone special.

Going to the gym, jogging with the dog, walking around the produce section at the grocery store – these are all opportunities to meet like-minded people.

So if you wait until Monday, a possible best friend or significant other could have already passed you by. Talk about horrible what-ifs!

3. You will skip out on quality sleep.

Eating healthy, nutritious foods combined with exercise is an equation built for satisfying sleep. Want to wake up feeling refreshed and energized tomorrow morning? Get a workout in and fill your meals with healthy fats, lean proteins, and fiber!

4. You will most likely keep putting it off.

Procrastination can lead down a dark path. It’s a path that leads straight to the couch with a carton of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

If you want to start a routine, you need to start it today. Because it’s always easier to say, “I will just start after the weekend,” or “I ate poorly today so there’s no point in going to the gym.” Remember, this is a good lifestyle change! Don’t put it off.

5. You could jeopardize your job.

It’s not rocket science. Happy and healthy employees make better employees. And what does eating right and exercising do? Make you happier and healthier!

Do not spend one more day feeling groggy from lack of sleep or the giant meal you ate the night before. Start changing your habits today for a better day at the office tomorrow.

6. You would be wasting your brainpower.

Did you know that moderate aerobic exercise actually makes you think more clearly? So that tricky dilemma that’s been weighing you down at work or with a friend could be solved simply by a nice run through the park.  

7. You are opening yourself up for regret.

Skipping the gym for a Netflix marathon might seem appealing at the moment. And that giant pepperoni pizza tastes pretty good while you are eating it, but what about after?

There are consequences to putting off workouts and eating healthy – and one big one is regret. Very few people can say they regret getting in a workout or eating a healthy meal.

Get Started! Tell us about your goals!

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