5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Committed to a Healthy Lifestyle

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Committed to a Healthy Lifestyle

Adopting a healthy lifestyle means changing your diet, working out regularly, and incorporating proper health and wellness practices into your everyday life. But a lot of things are going to start changing once you adopt these new habits—some pretty big changes a lot of people don’t see coming.

So before you commit to living a healthy lifestyle, here are some things you should know!

Your clothes won’t fit.

After committing to eating right and working out, your clothes are no longer going to fit like they used to. Your clothes will start to feel loose and oversized—you may even need to wear that pair of skinny jeans you haven’t fit in since high school. Also, say goodbye to that one-piece swimsuit—you’ll be rocking a bikini from here on out.

You will have sudden mood changes.

Be prepared for a major shift in your mood when you become committed to living a healthy lifestyle. Sudden bursts of happiness, energy, and a positive attitude are more than likely going to happen on a daily basis. More people will be drawn to this new positive energy you give off—so be ready for a lot of positive feedback and people wanting to be in your presence.

Your relationships will change.

Working out and eating better will release feel-good chemicals in the brain that will ease your nerves, keep you positive, and ultimately be more open and loving to those around you. All resulting in stronger, healthier relationships with others. So, if your friends and family enjoy arguing, tension, and negative vibes—a healthier lifestyle may not be the thing for you!

You will have a different sleeping pattern.

Say goodbye to all of those glorious nights filled with tossing, turning, and waking up sluggish. Hitting the gym and nourishing your body will make you sleep more soundly and help you wake up feeling refreshed—ready to tackle the day. So, if you aren’t ready to say goodbye to insomnia, this new healthy lifestyle is not recommended.

Your social life won’t be the same.

Beware. When you maintain a healthy lifestyle your social life is going to take a turn. You no longer will want to turn down plans because you feel sluggish or self-conscious. You will cut down on frustration of “not having anything to wear,” and you’ll feel more confident in social settings. Feeling better, and looking better, is going to take you from a couch potato watching Netflix, to the life of the party! If you’re not ready for awesome new experiences, friendships and relationships, steer clear of living a healthy lifestyle.

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