5 Tennis Technique Tips & Warm-Ups


Want to practice your tennis technique or warm-up before your next match? Watch our series of instructional videos where our USPTA certified tennis pro will walk you through various warm-up drills and offer tennis technique tips.

Tennis Technique Tips

Open vs. Neutral Stance for Ground Strokes

Learn to adapt your footwork based on the balls you’re receiving. Dustin explains the difference between open stance versus neutral stance and in what situations you would utilize each one. In summary, you use a neutral stance when the ball is in front of you and moving at a slower pace. When it’s coming at a quicker pace to your dominant side, you’ll use an open stance.

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Swing Path and Spin from Racquet Tip

Your swing path and the height of your racquet tip in relation to your hand will dictate what kind of spin you will put on the ball. Watch the video below to learn about the difference between a topspin drive and underspin slice shot. In summary, your hand should come above your shoulder for a topspin drive, and your swing path will go from low to high. The slice shot will do the opposite. Your hand and racquet tip will start out higher and “fall” onto the ball in a slight downward stroke.

Tennis Warm-Up Drills

Bump-Bounce-Hit Mini Rally

Warm-up for your next match and get a good feel for your racquet face with this Bump-Bounce-Hit rally drill. Dustin explains how you can practice controlling the ball hitting against a wall.

Bump Pass Volley

The Bump-Pass Volley is another control warm-up drill. This time of instead of letting the ball bounce on the ground, you’re going to pass it back in mid-air off the bump. Watch the video below to see a demonstration. This drill can be practiced with a partner or off the wall.

Catch Pass Mini Rally

This drill is great for practicing how to gain touch and feel for your shots. The goal of this volley drill is to catch the ball on your racquet with as few bounces as possible, and then pass it back to your partner or against a wall. See if you can can cradle the ball with your racquet to see if you can have no bounces!

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