5 Reasons to Mix Business with Fitness

5 Reasons to Mix Business with Fitness

When planning a business meeting, the ideas that usually come to mind are getting lunch, grabbing drinks, or meeting up for a cup of coffee. But recently a new trend has surfaced, hitting up the gym for a workout while you get some work done.

For the busy business person, it’s hard enough to fit a meeting into a hectic day. And for health conscious business people, it’s even harder to find room for a meeting AND a workout.

Luckily, the benefits of holding your meeting at the gym are more than just burning off the calories of your morning latte. Here are the top 5 reasons to kick your meeting into high gear with a workout.

1. It Forges A Bond

When tackling a hill on a bike, or the last quarter of a mile on the treadmill, you end up supporting one another on a level that goes beyond discussing facts and figures. Working out together helps create a bond and an environment that encourages a good understanding of the people you’re working with. This helps everyone speak their mind in a way they might not normally do in a conference room.

2. It Ditches Distractions

Lots of gyms have a no phone policy, which is good for eliminating the distractions of phone calls, texts, or emails you or someone else could be receiving during your meeting. This helps keep things on track and the focus on where it needs to be.

3. Clears Your Mind

The office can get stuffy, and everyone has had to take a walk around the block or the building at some point at work. Getting out of the office and into the gym provides a change of pace not only for your body, but for your mind too! So, even though your body is getting in a good workout—your mind can take some time to relax.

4. Positivity

Working out releases endorphins, which cause a sense of happiness. This is going to put everyone in a good mood—and get him or her out of that 2 o’clock slump. This sets up a positive feeling for your business meeting that can allow it to reach its full potential.

5. New Ideas

Push your body to the limit while you push your business there too! When you feel comfortable with the people involved in your meeting, you don’t have your phone constantly buzzing, you’ve escaped the walls of your board room, and you have a good attitude; you have the perfect situation for coming up with new ideas. Use the energy of your workout to be inspired and come up with brand new concepts you would never have thought of in your swivel chair.

All in all, each of these things blends together to encouragement. You have encouraged yourself to keep active, you’ve encouraged others to keep active, and everyone is encouraged to bring something new to the table (or the yoga mat). And these things encourage your business to be stronger. So ditch the lunch, coffee, or conference room; and grow a healthier business and a healthier you!

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