5 Obstacles to Lifestyle Change and How to Overcome Them

5 Obstacles to Lifestyle Change and How to Overcome Them

It’s not unusual for our members to come to the clubs seeking change. More often than not, that change is in their body in some way – weight loss, muscle gain, flexibility, mobility, and anything in between. That change could also be in their social or recreational activity – coming to the clubs to get back into tennis, make new friends in a new city, or to network. Regardless of the type, CHANGE IS HARD! A change to any aspect of your lifestyle often comes with many obstacles. Today we will discuss five of the most common obstacles to lifestyle change, and how to overcome them.

1. Not Being Ready to Change

If you’ve been reading our blogs, you’ve read about readiness to make lifestyle changes. If you aren’t ready, no amount of support or accommodation will help you. Again, change is hard; it will test your resolve.

This is what “ready” looks and feels like:

  • You’re tired of thinking and talking about it.
  • You’ve gathered information and sought support.
  • You’ve begun planning the time, dedication, and effort you must put into it.

If you’re “ready,” that’s great! Now, we can help…but beware of the other common obstacles that could lie ahead!

2. Lack of Concrete Goals and a Precise Strategy

Imagine your boss saying, “You’re doing your job well! Keep it up, and we’ll look at your progress in a few years.” This would not result in the best productivity, would it? You would lack clear direction and focus with your job. And you wouldn’t be as motivated with that “a few years” time frame! It is vague and too long.

Instead, you need a short-term time frame, after which you will assess your progress. You need concrete goals and a clear action plan.

Elite will set you up for success by providing all this free when you join! We take baseline measures, help you set realistic goals, give you a plan for your first month, and provide regular assessments of your progress, free your first year! (Get a free fitness consultation today!)

3. Going “Gonzo”

Another common pitfall: “diving too deep” as you begin exercising again. You’ve come too far to become injured or burned out! Elite’s fitness specialists will advise you on which exercises are appropriate for right now, and which activities should be reserved for your “new” stronger, fitter self. Exercise should challenge you, but also make you more energized, not totally exhaust you or set you up for injury.

4. Sabotage

Hopefully part of your process has been talking your lifestyle changes through with family and friends to make sure logistically your habit changes can work. Will your spouse have to take care of the kid(s) at times? Will you miss your “lunch group” at work sometimes? Even after talking through what support you need, family and friends might still un-knowingly (or even knowingly!) try to sabotage you. How will you handle those situations? Prepare yourself ahead of time…

5. Coping With Initial Setbacks

This could also be called “Not Living in the Present.” Say, for whatever reason(s), you haven’t made it to the club in awhile. Do you feel lethargic and “down” on yourself? Or, do you feel sorry for yourself, and angry at whoever or whatever got in your way?

Either way, you feel so bad, you could just sit down with a bag of chips right now…But don’t punish yourself by living in yesterday, just get back on track right now! Don’t let setbacks keep you from living in the present!

So, are YOU ready to overcome the above obstacles—and maybe others too? Start with a free assessment and personalized plan as mentioned above.

Get your own personalized plan!

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