5 Everyday Stretches for Tennis Players

Tennis need not be strenuous on your joints and muscles. Some simple everyday stretches can help prevent wear and tear on your body. Doug Worth, our S.M.A.R.T. Clinic Physical Therapist has 5 stretches he recommends to his tennis players.

Hold each stretch for at least 20 seconds.

1. Tennis Elbow Stretch – This allows the tendons and ligaments surrounding the elbow to loosen and stretch.

  • Extend your arm out with your palm facing down and bend your wrist down. Your palm should be facing inward towards your body.
  • Take the opposite hand over to the extended arm and pull down on your fingers while your arm is staying straight out in front of you still.

Tennis Elbow Stretch

2. Cross Shoulder Stretch – This loosens up the back area of the shoulder.

  • Take your arm and place it across your chest so that your arm is parallel to the floor.
  • With the opposite arm, grab the placed elbow and pull it away from the armpit.

Cross Shoulder Stretch

3. Rotating Wrist Stretch – This lengthens the muscles toward the radial side versus the ulnar side.

  • Similar to the Tennis Elbow Stretch, start with extending an arm to be parallel to the ground with your wrist bent down and palm facing your body.
  • Take your opposite arm and rotate your wrist away from the body going upwards as far as you can.

Rotating Wrist Stretch

4. Assisted Reverse Chest Stretch – This stretches the lower chest muscle group

  • Start standing upright facing away from a table or surface that comes halfway up to your body.
  • Put your hands on the surface and slowly lower your body down until you’re in a squat-like position.

Assisted Reverse Chest Stretch

5. Kneeling Achilles Stretch – This stretches and lengthens the achilles and calf muscles.

  • Kneel down on one knee, placing the other leg forward in front of you.
  • Lean toward the front leg, putting all your body weight on it keeping your heel on the ground.

Kneeling Achilles Stretch

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