4 New Fitness Classes to Try This Month

Bored of the doing the same old fitness routine over and over again? Looking to try some new fitness classes? Here is a list of some popular choices so you can try something new and challenge your body.

Trying any new fitness classes can be intimidating, but our incredible Elite instructors are there to help you get started. We encourage anyone to show up a few minutes early to class to introduce yourself, and the instructors will be happy to provide you with any necessary information about setting up, the exercises, etc.

Spin Classes

If you’ve never tried it before, spin class (indoor cycling) is definitely one of several new fitness classes to look into. Indoor cycling is a great workout all year round for any level, expert cyclists and newbies alike. You can make this class what you want it to be, because your ride is your own. It’s a challenge by choice. Not only will you strengthen your legs, burn lots of calories, and improve your cardiovascular fitness, you’ll also work out to some awesome tunes in a party-like atmosphere. If you want to have a great time while exercising, be sure to add indoor cycling at the top of your “New Fitness Classes to Try” list.

Check out our beginner’s guide if you want more tips on how to get started in spin class. We go over things like how to set up your bike, what resistance level you should use, how fast you should pedal etc.

Kickboxing Classes

Kickboxing is another cardio class that’s easy for anyone to get started. This class also requires no equipment, so it’s a great option to do at home through the Elite Virtual Studio. Kickboxing provides numerous benefits, such as improving your cardiovascular fitness, burns lots of calories, tones the upper and lower body, improves coordination, boosts confidence, and relieves stress. It’s also worth mentioning you’ll learn a variety of self-defense moves. The class itself is not designed to be self-defense training, but you’ll still learn some helpful techniques, such as kicking and jabbing, to use if you were ever involved in a dangerous situation where you would need to protect yourself.

Barre Classes

Want to improve your strength and flexibility at the same time? Look no further than barre class! Another excellent new fitness class to try, barre ballet as a form of exercise combines movements from ballet, yoga, and Pilates. At the present time, Elite Sports Clubs is only offering our Barre Basics class, which is a great way to get started especially if you’re new.

Barre is also a low-impact form of exercise, meaning it’s easy on the joints. You’ll be working your entire body with focus on feet, ankles, knees, hips, and spine, which builds stability and strength so that your body can support you better with little risk for injury. Because barre focuses on proper alignment, you will also learn to improve your posture.

Don’t think this class is just for the ladies either! Plenty of men enjoy taking barre because it fine tunes the body and complements any strength training routine.

Dance Classes

If you don’t want exercise to feel like exercise, dance classes like Zumba® are the way to go! Zumba® classes are full-blown cardio workouts that synchronize dance moves to popular music. You’ll move to the rhythm with intervals of various intensities and sweat as you burn lots of calories, tone your muscles, and improve balance and flexibility.

If you wan’t a low-impact option, you can take the party to the pool with Aqua Zumba®! It’s everything you love about traditional Zumba® but in the water. The water provides natural resistance so you’ll strengthen your muscles and it’s also a great option for those who suffer from joint pain.

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