12 Tips for Working Out in the Morning

12 Tips for Working Out in the Morning

There are many benefits to working out in the morning: You feel more alert, you are more productive throughout the day, it boosts your metabolism, can counter overeating, and the list goes on.

But sometimes the pillow just feels a little too soft, the bed is a little too comfortable, and one more hour of sleep just feels right. We get it, working out in the morning can be extremely difficult. But there are things you can do!

These 12 tips will help you rock your morning workouts . . .

Prep at Night

If you prepare for a weekday the evening before you’re more likely to go through with your workout in the morning. Make sure you lay out your workout gear, have your pre-workout snack ready along with a bottle of water, and all of your other equipment (yoga mat, weights, iPod, etc.)

Note: You can even sleep in your workout clothes for a little more motivation! 

Get Enough Sleep

If you have trouble falling asleep at night, try limiting your caffeine during the day, taking a warm bath, drinking chamomile tea, trying nighttime yoga, and turning off all electronic devices. You will feel more refreshed in the morning and ready to start your workout.

Move Your Alarm Clock

The hardest part of working out in the morning is physically getting out of bed. So if you set your alarm on the other side of the bedroom, you will have to actually get up to shut it off.

Set a Time and Date

Set up a workout time with a personal trainer or a workout buddy. If you know someone is waiting on you, you’re less likely to bail.

Switch Up Your Workouts

Always doing the same workouts can get boring and can make you lose interest very quickly. Keep changing up your morning workout routine to keep things interesting.

Note: Changing up your workouts also helps you shed more pounds and keeps your body guessing!

Reward Yourself

Provide yourself with little incentives, “If I go to spin class this morning, I will allow myself to buy a new workout top.” It’s similar to how you would train a dog – rewards and little treats work just as well on us humans!

Get Inspired

Place a motivational background on your phone, post messages on your mirror, do whatever it takes to get motivated. Waking up to your favorite motivational quote or a photo of rock-solid abs – you will be more motivated to get up and get working!

Note: Need some extra motivation? Check out our inspiration board on Pinterest!

Set Goals

Setting goals for yourself will give you something to work towards. Every Sunday night take some time to create a schedule for the week – what times you will workout each morning, what type of workouts you will be doing, and what you plan to eat each day. Having a plan always makes it easier to stick to a schedule and achieve your goals!

Stretch it Out

Starting your day with a nice full body stretch will help increase blood flow to the muscles and wake up your mind and body.

Fuel Your Body

You don’t need to have a full breakfast before you workout, but make sure you are at least eating something to fuel your body. And don’t forget to drink lots and lots of water!

Crank the Jams

Play music that gets you energized and motivated. Create a workout playlist on your phone or iPod that you can crank every morning to get you going!

Cut Yourself a Break.

If you miss a workout don’t think it’s the end of the world. We are all human and we will have minor setbacks – but don’t lose motivation! Start every day fresh and don’t be so hard on yourself – this is a journey.

Get Started! Tell us about your goals!

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