10 Things You Can Learn From Your Child About Exercise

10 Things You Can Learn From Your Child About Exercise

The best place to find answers to fitness success isn’t in bookstores, on television, online, or in a rack full of magazines. You’ll find information from those sources, for certain. But what you won’t find is the kind of information that you can use every day. Those answers come from a most surprising source: your children.

Have you ever noticed how children have a charmed ability to be serious about what they’re doing without being too serious? That is exactly what you can do with your exercise program. Be serious about it without being too serious about it. Work hard, but have fun. Each new day is full of opportunity. Look at life through a child’s eyes and see what you’ve forgotten. Even Peter Pan forgot how to be a child at one point, but with a little help he quickly remembered and began enjoying life again.

Here are 10 things every child knows that you may have forgotten.

  1. Anything is possible – Never limit yourself
  2. Exercise for the pure joy of it – Running is always more fun than walking…just as walking is always more fun than driving
  3. Anything can be a game – Build your competitive spirit by challenging yourself with new workouts and routines
  4. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it – Healthy eating is important, but don’t force yourself to eat things you don’t like or it will be impossible to stick to your healthy diet
  5. Playtime is important – Avoid getting caught up in work and take time for YOU
  6. The world should be full of color – Especially on your dinner plate
  7. It’s always more fun with friends around – Working out with friends is almost like having your very own play group
  8. Adventures are found outside – Fresh air and wide open spaces offer limitless opportunities
  9. Variety is key – Add your favorite childhood activities to your workout routine: ride bikes, hoola hoop, jump rope, play tag, jump on a trampoine or skip
  10. Laughter feels good – A good laugh can help you relieve stress, help your brain function and give you more energy

The solutions to your fitness goals are probably closer to you than you realize, and probably about 3-4 feet tall. When you think like a kid, the world around you returns to a place of endless possibilities. So sprinkle on some fairy dust and go exercise like a kid!

If you’ve forgotten how to have fun, or don’t have any children around to learn from, our personal trainers can help. We have personalized fitness plans that will get you healthy and fit, all the while having FUN!

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