10 Things to Tell Yourself During a Tough Workout

10 Things to Tell Yourself During a Tough Workout

Everyone’s been there. Whether you’re tired, sore, or are approaching your limits, we’ve all had to experience a grueling and tough workout. So when the going gets rough, here are a few things to tell yourself to get going.

1. I’ve Already Come This Far

Congrats! You’ve made the effort to get the gym, change into workout clothes, train to the point of where you’re currently at, and go for a tough workout. You might as well finish strong because you’ve already come such a long way.

Cat Workout

 2. After This – It’s Time For Food

There is nothing better than a post workout snack. Think of that delicious dinner, breakfast, lunch, granola bar, or protein shake that awaits you after this workout. Do it for the food.

3. I’m Gonna Look Goooooood

You’re killin’ it at the gym. You’ve been working hard, eating right, and you know when you put on your jeans tomorrow they’re going to fit just right.


4. You’re Almost There

You’re working hard and your goals are within your grasp. Keep it up champ! The light at the end of the tunnel is near.


5. This Could Always Be Worse

Are you being stung by bees? Is someone stealing your wallet while you do pull ups? Do you have to run another 6 miles after this? No. So while this workout may be difficult, it could be much much worse.

There are no bees. You're doing great.

6. I Feel Strong

The reason you hurt is because your working on building up muscle and toning up. Don’t feel tired, feel strong. You’re lifting more weight, running faster, increasing reps, and getting that much stronger with each minute.

7. Just One More

Just one more squat, one more step, one more minute. One is a small number, you can always manage just one more.


8. Beyonce Is Watching

It doesn’t matter who you are, if Beyonce is watching you will be on your A Game. So pretend Queen Bey is watching and aim to impress.


9. Take A Drink

Tired? Take a break to get a drink of water or get a swig of Gatorade. It’s important to make sure you stay hydrated during a tough workout! You know you’re working up a big sweat.


10. I’m Proud Of Myself

You work hard. You’re setting yourself up to get healthy, get happy, and get in shape. Be proud of what you can do, how far you’ve come, and that you have the resolve to get through this!


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