10 Sweat Worthy Workouts

10 Sweat Worthy Workouts

Get your towel and water bottle, because your sweat game is about to get real strong!

Here is a list of workouts that are guaranteed to get the blood pumping and the sweat flowing. BONUS: some of these you can easily do when time is not on your side.

1. The Kettle Bell Killer

Is the workout actually called Kettle Bell Killer? No. But it does use a Kettle Bell and it does only take 30 minutes to complete this sweat inducing workout. Click here to get a copy of the workout courtesy of Pumps & Iron.

2. Tabata Workout

Are these workouts short? Yes. Will they leave you drenched in sweat? Yes. This 15 minute workout alternates between periods of intense physical activity and rest. This workout from Health.com will have you grabbing for your water bottle and later grabbing for your skinny jeans.

3. 8 Minute Total Body Workout

Things you can do in 8 minutes: watch 1/3 of a TV show, scroll through your Instagram feed, get in a quality full body workout. Wait, what was that last one again? Get in a quality full body workout?! Thanks to Fitness Blender, what this workout lacks in time it makes up in sweatiness.

4. Cardio

Lace up your running shoes ladies and gentlemen, because cardio is guaranteed to get your sweat glands working. Cardio doesn’t just have to be mindlessly running on the treadmill while you watch How I Met Your Mother (however that is a PERFECTLY good way to get in your cardio). Some other fun options are running up stairs or running sprints. To see the full list of ideas on how to spice up your cardio you can check them out here as laid out by the Huffington Post.

5. Battle Ropes

Break out your dry fit for this workout because the sweat is about to flow. This is one of our favorite workouts that can be done in as little or as much time as you’d like while also allowing you to control difficulty. So bring on the rope!

6. Low Impact | High Sweat Creation

Don’t let bad knees or ankles stop you from getting in a good workout. These are some of our top, low impact workouts that will definitely make an impact on your fitness routine.

7. Zumba

As Shakira would say, “hips don’t lie.” Well your hips and your sweat glands won’t be lying after this fun and effective workout. So break out your moves all while you break a sweat! See what Zumba is all about here.

8.  Upper Body and Abs

After you get done with our low impact leg workout, you can move onto this workout from The Sweaty Betties. With a focus on your arms and your abs, be prepared to get toned, strong, and sweaty with this circuit. 

9. The 6×6 Workout

This fun circuit has you do 6 reps, of 6 exercises, 6 times through. So, in addition to this being a great sweat inducing workout, it’s good for your brain function too! Courtesy of “Peanut Butter Fingers,” this workout will have your sweat and mind going full speed.

10. Boxing

In case you were worried, boxing isn’t just about bashing someone’s nose in—as explained in our blog about boxing. What it IS about: strength, agility, cardio, and an all around good time. Check out how anyone can box here.

So what are you waiting for!? Put your antiperspirant to the test with one of these sweaty options!

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