10 Reasons YOU are Amazing!

10 Reasons YOU are Amazing!

Sure you want to start the week off on the right foot. You had a whole plan for how you were going to eat well this week, you even set out your workout clothes before you went to bed last night. You looked in the mirror and chanted repeatedly “Mondays are great. I love Mondays. Mondays are great. I love Mondays.” And then your alarm clock rang this morning…Pretty much everybody needs a little pick-me-up on Monday. So, here’s yours. Keep reading for 10 reasons we think that you, yes YOU, are amazing!

Effort Quote

1.) You put in a great effort.

You get it, losing weight and getting strong is no game. You take the whole process very seriously and put in the effort to get the results you want.


2.) You know how to celebrate the little wins.

You understand that the transformation won’t happen overnight, so instead you keep yourself going by acknowledging the small gains. Maybe you notice your pants fit a little better, or you can run up the stairs without passing out. It’s the little things that keep us moving towards the big wins.


3.) You also know when to brush off minor set backs.

Not every day is going to be a good day. You had to skip a workout due to a late meeting at work, you couldn’t get on the court because your kid was sick, you gained a few pounds back after your vacation. But you know it’s not the end, you get over it and move on, learning from mistakes and making up for it later.

happy prancing

4.) You find the fun in your workouts.

Working out can be a blast, but sometimes it can be a total drag too. You look for ways to make your exercise routines more exciting, you reward yourself along the way, and you thrive on those feel-good endorphins you get from your workouts. Maybe today you needed a friend to motivate you, or an instructor who cracks jokes during class. Either way, you refuse let exercise become the “worst” part of your day.

Carlton Dance

5.) You have great dance moves.

Yes, we’ve seen you rocking out on the treadmill or bustin’ a move in Zumba class. Whether you are on beat or not, you know how to groove.

Workout Clothes

6.) Your workout attire is oh so chic.

Whether you are on trend with the latest yoga pants, or you rock a race t-shirt for every workout; your chosen outfit always helps you get the job done. No one ever looked so good sweating profusely in a class or on the weight room floor.

Pre Post Workout Snacks

7.) Your pre/post-workout snacks are drool worthy.

When it comes to fueling for your workout, you have it down. You come prepped with a super healthy nut & seed mix in your gym bag, or have a go-to smoothie or power bar at the cafe. You’re all about keeping the healthy momentum going before or after your workout with a properly proportioned snack.

Gym Bag

8.) Your gym bag organization strategy is scarily effective.

Before work, during lunch, between carting kids around—when you make time for a workout you are extremely efficient. There’s no time for an unorganized gym bag to slow you down. You know exactly which items you’ll need to rock your workout and get right back to life.

Healthy Body Quote

9.) You understand the importance of staying in shape.

We all have our reasons for staying fit, but when it really comes down to it, you understand the value of health. Whether you are doing it for just you or your whole family, you make a point of eating well, working out, getting on the court, and doing whatever else it takes to get healthy and stay healthy.

Be Elite

10.) You are an Elite member!

Or at least think we are cool enough to read our blog. In any case, you know that being amazing just comes with the territory. Not to toot our own horn, but Elite Sports Clubs seems to just attract really great members who are a ton of fun, and care not only about maintaining a healthy body, but also a healthy community. Our locally-owned clubs are a hub for fitness, tennis, families, and fun thanks to amazing members like you!

Share your story illustration

Now that we told you just a few of the reasons we already know you are awesomely amazing, why don’t you share your personal story with us?! We love featuring individual members on our blog and around the clubs. You all have accomplished such amazing things on your quest for health and happiness, and serve as such an inspiration to us all. So, don’t hold back! Share your story with us now!

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