10 Indoor Workouts to Do During Winter

10 Indoor Workouts to Do During Winter

Indoor Workouts Perfect for the Cold Weather

While some people look forward to winter, many others aren’t a fan of the cold weather. The snow and biting temperatures are enough to leave you unmotivated to do just about anything. However, if you get moving and active at the gym, you can warm your body right up and fight that cabin fever! Avoid letting your exercise routine “go cold” by doing these fun indoor workouts during winter.

1. Go for a ride

Indoor cycling is the next best thing to actually riding a bike. If you don’t feel like riding through the snow and ice, then take a spin class! Your instructor will take you through a simulated “ride” where you can control how challenging it is.

2. Get your laps in

Swimming is a popular warm-weather activity, but you can still be a dedicated swimmer during winter with Elite’s heated indoor pools! Swimming for exercise is a great cardio workout and the water resistance will help tone your muscles.

3. Show off your moves

Your dance moves, that is! Barre and Zumba are just a few classes that combine dancing with fitness. Barre uses movements derived from ballet to help sculpt and tone specific muscles. Zumba is an aerobic dance class where you can let your body be expressive and burn fat at the same time!

4. Find your zen with indoor yoga

Yoga is an activity that can be performed year-round, and just about anywhere. But if you really want to beat the winter cold, try Hot Yoga! This type of yoga is conducted in a heated room (usually 85-100 degrees), which makes the body more flexible.

5. Just for kicks

Cardio kickboxing uses non-contact kicking and punching combinations to burn fat, tone your muscles, increase flexibility, and improve foot coordination. It’s a challenging cardiovascular workout that is fun and action-packed!

6. Be a baller

Members can join a league or drop by for a pick-up basketball game. Running the full length of the basketball court during a fast-paced game will certainly burn a lot of calories. Often preferable to running on a treadmill, which can be quite dull and boring at times, basketball focuses your attention on the objectives of the game so you don’t even think about all the physical work you’re doing! Plus, you can work on that jump shot or crossover move.

7. Lift it up

Training with free weights, plates, or resistance bands will help you build muscle and burn calories. Not always thought of as a way of burning fat, your metabolism may stay elevated for a longer period of time after weight training compared to a cardio workout.

8. Serve up some fun

Elite has been known for its indoor tennis courts which are accessible year-round. If you’re a tennis player that wants to try something a little more than an ordinary lesson, attend a Cardio Tennis class. You’ll enjoy a fast-paced cardio workout while practicing your tennis strokes and footwork.

9. Jump around

If there’s one thing Wisconsinites know how to do, it’s jump around. Grab a plyo box and fire up those calves. If you’re unfamiliar with plyometrics, you can try this routine.

10. Just hang out

One of the most challenging workouts you’ll find in the fitness center is by using the TRX equipment. These suspended ropes offer a number of ways to perform a series of challenging moves using your own body weight. The difficulty of each exercise can be altered depending on your experience level. If you don’t know how to be creative using the ropes, see a personal trainer to show you some exercises.

Don’t lose out on all the progress you’ve made just because of the cold weather! If you’re not sure where to begin, talk to a personal trainer and they’ll help you get started with indoor workouts tailored just for you! Contact an Elite Sports Club expert to get started today!


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