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Getting the Most Out of Muscle Contractions

What if I told you that if you decided not to slam the weight stack each rep, the gains gods would reward you with a better physique and increased strength? There may not be gods of gains, but there is science. Learn about the concentric and eccentric phase of a muscle contraction and how to […]

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Is Muscle Soreness Good or Bad?

We’ve all been there when we go to the gym and have a fantastic workout. We’re feeling great, strong, and fit. Then a day or two later, we wake up and our muscles feel stiff, achy, and sore. Why is this? What causes muscle soreness? Let’s explore what muscle soreness is and if it is […]

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How To Maximize Muscle Recovery After A Workout

Maximizing muscle recovery should be a key part of your fitness plan. The sooner your muscles recover, the less you will feel sore, and the sooner they can be efficient at burning calories for you. There are many ways to help aid your bodies recover. Here are a few for your tool box.

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