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Even Superheroes Have Limits

Have you ever taken inspiration from your favorite comic book heroes? You can envision being fast like the Flash or as strong as Superman. But even those characters have weaknesses and limitations. Even in our pursuit of superhuman perfection, we normal humans have to pace ourselves, plan ahead, and train to meet our goals. Here […]

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Exercise and Care For An Injured Knee or Back

Injuries tend to plague the fitness world. With people injuring or developing bad knees and backs, it is important to know one’s limits and work out appropriately to prevent picking up or worsening an injury. Here are a few tips and exercises to manage injuries to one’s knee or back.

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8 Effective and "Easy on the Knees" Workouts

  Your knees may not be the strongest, but that’s not going to stop you from getting in a great workout! High impact workouts can be tough on the joints and can lead to improper form and cause more injuries. These 8 exercises are perfect for those with bad knees!

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