Why You Need to Make a Bucket List

Bucket Lists. Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman was in the movie Bucket List. And if Morgan Freeman played a man with a Bucket List, then you should have one too. While that is not solid ground as to why you should get a bucket list, here are some real reasons why you should have your very own bucket list.

Aristotle once said,

Man is a goal seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals.” 

Heavy. But it is true. Everyone likes to work towards something, and most people perform at their best when striving for a certain end game. So how does this come into play with a Bucket List?

A Bucket List is a collection of things you want to do during your life, year, career, you name it.

So when you have something to look forward to, you usually will work harder to get to that point. For example, let’s say you want to go to Greece. It’s been a dream of yours to visit there ever since you were little. By putting it on your Bucket List, you can find ways to get yourself to Greece and be reminded that it is something you want. Maybe you’ll get there by saving a little more each month, or by cutting out that $4 2-o’clock latte.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to paint. By putting it on your list and making it a point to stick to it, it will motivate you to either set aside some time each week/month or maybe finally take the plunge into an art class.

Want to learn another language? Again by committing to it and putting it on your Bucket List, you create the opportunity to hold yourself accountable to something you want. Now you’ll hire that tutor, get that Rosetta Stone package (and actually use it for its intended purpose—not as an accent piece on your desk), or immerse yourself in the language.

But make sure you keep your Bucket List pure. It shouldn’t be used for things you NEED to do. Like save more money, go to the grocery store this week, or refinance your home. A Bucket List should be reserved for the things that you WANT in life. Like swimming with dolphins, getting that tattoo, or trying out for the Family Feud.

Start your Bucket List with a bang! And actually create the list.

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