What to Expect in Your First Cycling Class

What to Expect in Your First Cycling Class

Cycling class, often referred to as spin class, is a great way to get cardio exercise for the week. It’s a fun social experience and far more engaging than running alone on the treadmill. Attending your first cycling class might be intimidating, so here is what you can expect.

Register in Advance

With our online Member App, you are able to make an advanced reservation for the class you want to attend. This ensures you will have a spot, rather than showing up only to discover that there are no bikes left. Making a reservation is easy. Visit the app how-to guide for instructions.

Instructors Are There to Help

When you first arrive, introduce yourself to the instructor. Instructors love new participants that join their class. They’ll help you feel more welcome and be able to answer any questions you may have. Each instructor is unique, not just in personality, but how they run their class. Their workouts may look a little different and likely use different kinds of music. It’s ok to prefer one instructor over another. That’s the beauty of having options! Try a couple different classes to see which is the best fit for your preferred style of workout.

Adjust Your Bike

Odds are that the person who used the bike before you will not have the same settings that you require. If it’s your first time riding, you’ll want to show up to class about 10 minutes early to adjust the seat and handlebars to make sure they’re at the proper height. Not only will you be more comfortable, but you can also avoid putting too much strain on your knees. If you’re unsure how to make these adjustments, the instructor is there to help you.

Spinning Can Be Difficult

You should know going in that cycling classes can be difficult. However, they are what you make of them. Spin is a challenge by choice, meaning you should work at a level that challenges you, but doesn’t overexert you. Some of our clubs utilize “Coach by Color” bikes, which allow you to set your individual difficulty level. The instructor will tell you which color zone you should be in, which corresponds to that individual’s Functional Threshold Watt rate. This is a percentage of your threshold wattage, which can be estimated by entering a variety of factors into the bike computer, or by performing a specific test. The difficulty of the ride depends on changes in resistance, RPM, or a combination of both.

You’re Going to Sweat

Because you’ll be exerting so much energy, you’re going to be sweating. Be sure to bring a water bottle to class. It’s extremely important to stay hydrated throughout your workout. Also, you’ll probably want to grab a towel on your way into the studio.

Wear Something Comfortable

Just as you would for most workouts, it is recommended that you wear athletic apparel, sweat-wicking materials, or something that breathes easily. Bike shorts are recommended but certainly not required. Leggings or athletic shorts good alternatives to allow your legs to pedal freely. A loose t-shirt or athletic top is also a great option to stay as cool as possible. Some of the more serious riders use cleated shoes that clip into the pedals, but beginners can come with normal workout shoes.

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