What to do When Spring is Still Sleeping & We Long to See Green Again!

Free Open Court Time on Fridays April & May

It’s clear that spring slept through the season alarm clock and, as we roll into April, the forecast has us wondering if the power went out at mother nature’s house or maybe the season alarm clock’s batteries died leaving spring to snooze its life away. Bouncy ball temperatures along with everyone’s favorite, snow/rain hybrid precipitation, make it difficult to enjoy our favorite outdoor activities like tennis. Spring’s seemingly perpetual state of hibernation also makes it difficult to spend quality time with your family, unplugged from the house, playing sports, going on picnics or a bike ride through the park.


Two teaser days surrounded by cold–ick! Wherefore art thou spring?

If you and your family are as sick of waiting for spring to quit hitting “snooze” on the season alarm clock as we are then come out to Elite for FREE TENNIS FRIDAYS. No, you don’t need an upgrade on your prescriptive eye-wear, you did in fact see the word ‘free!” C’mon, there aren’t many things to do this time of year that allow:

  • Quality time with the family creating amazing memories that, when retold through the years, will be followed by the phrase “good times, good times.”
  • Wearing shorts and not getting judgmental looks.
  • Getting out of the house (and no, running errands and going to work does not count).
  • Keeping the glue between your family’s fingers and their various “i” devices from drying and becoming permanently attached.
  • Healthy, energy-burning FUN.
  • Saving the small fortunes you shell out on most family outings for things like college or a proper vacation once summer makes it’s grand entrance.

So dig out and dust off those rackets, rip your family from the couch they’re Velcroed to and join us for open court time every Friday!

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