The Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs

The Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs

You have your costume picked out, your kids are all dressed up, and it seems like the whole family is ready for a spooky Halloween. Except for your dog. Let’s change that!

Dressing your dog up for Halloween can be super fun and super easy. Plus the photos are guaranteed for some mad likes on Instagram. Here are some good ideas for dressing up your pup for the scariest night of the year.

You can keep it easy with a fun pair of shades…

shades dog costume

Or maybe try out a full body costume like this fish…

fishy dog costume

Or this Fireman/Truck ensemble…

firetruck dog costume

Sometimes Just a Head Piece Works Just as Well…

cute dog costumes

Are You Feeling a Sci-Fi Vibe…

darth vader dog costume

Come to the dark side we have treats!

Is Your Family All About Sports…

sports dog costume

Maybe All Your Dogs Are Feeling a Squad Costume…

avengers dog costumes

And If They Don’t Want To Wear A Costume…This Is Always An Option

sneaky dog costume

Remember, make sure your dog is friendly if you decide to bring them out for Trick-Or-Treating or greeting kids at the door! Also make sure their costume is comfortable and not dangerous or constrictive on your pet. AND NO CANDY FOR DOGS. Unless you get special dog candy from a store.

Some fun doggy costumes can be found here and here.

Happy Halloween!

pumpkin puppy

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