Summer Kids Activities in Milwaukee

Summer Kids Activities in Milwaukee

Looking for kids summer activities in Milwaukee? Whether it’s playing outdoor games, joining a sports team, or going for a dip in the local community pool, here are plenty of activities to keep your kids busy on their days off of school.


What better summer activity is there for kids on a hot summer day than going for a dip in the pool?! Let the kids exert their energy in the water with games and swimming while you enjoy your latest book, soak up some sun, and maybe enjoy an adult beverage or two (Check out the Elite Sports Clubs Poolside Grill menu for more).

Are your kids too young to swim on their own? Enroll them in group swim lessons! They’ll learn all-important water safety skills and gain confidence in the water. Elite Sports Clubs has year-round swim lessons that follow the American Red Cross curriculum, the gold standard for water safety instruction. This member-exclusive program grants kids more individualized attention and more swim time per student.

Outdoor Games

While there are so many kid-friendly activities around Milwaukee, you don’t always have to look beyond your own backyard for ideas. The world is a playground for your kids! The best way to enjoy the summer weather is by playing outdoors. Their imagination is the limit when it comes to the games to play.

If they need a more structured approach or there aren’t enough kids in the neighborhood, send them to your health club where they can partake in numerous organized programs and events tailored for their age group.

Outdoor games


Tennis is a great sport for kids of all ages and skill levels. It can be played indoors and outdoors, so it’s not weather-dependent. No opponent? No problem! All you need is a wall or a tennis ball machine to practice. Tennis lessons are another great outlet for kids with a lot of energy. It offers a structured environment where they’ll learn the sport of a lifetime and have plenty of social interaction with their peers. As they improve their skills, they’ll advance through the various classes. Elite Sports Clubs has the most renowned youth tennis program in the state of Wisconsin.

summer activities for kids in milwaukee - tennis

Summer Sports

One of the most popular summer kids activities in Milwaukee is to join a junior sports program. Check your local health club or parks and rec department for options including basketball, baseball, and soccer.

kids basketball - Summer Kids Activities in Milwaukee

Laser Tag

For something entirely out of the ordinary, laser tag is a fun summer activity kids can do with their friends. It’s a strategic, objective-based game that can be played in a number of ways. A great option for birthdays or family gatherings, laser tag equipment can be rented at select venues around Milwaukee, including Elite Sports Clubs.

laser tag - summer kids activities in Milwaukee

Music & Dance

Are your kids always grooving to music? Dance is a great way for kids to get exercise as well as express themselves through movement. Dance lessons will teach basic moves in a variety of dance styles. They’ll also develop motor skills, balance, and a sense for rhythm.

In addition, music engages both hemispheres of the brain, great for the development of young minds. While most would say music is a creative, artistic, right-brained activity, music requires understanding of structure and motor skills from the left hemisphere as well.

music and dance lessons - Summer Kids Activities in Milwaukee

Summer Kids Activities in Milwaukee

What if your kids could participate in almost all of these activities in the same week?! Send them to Elite’s summer camp, called SCAMP, where each day is packed full of fun activities to keep them active and be social with their friends. You can register for single weeks to work around your busy schedule, or save by registering for 3-week or 8-week packages! For more information or registration, click the button below.

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