Swimming is a Great Outlet for Individuals with Special Needs

Swimming is a Great Outlet for Individuals with Special Needs

Swimming can be a great outlet for anyone but especially for adaptive swimmers or special needs swimmers, even those with the most severe disability can have a wonderful time in the water. Swimming lessons can be very beneficial for swimmers of all ages and all needs.

Benefits of swim lessons for special needs swimmers include but are not limited to:

  • Improving fitness and strength
  • Helps boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Improves coordination and range of motion
  • Learning to be safe in and around water
  • Learning simple strokes

At Elite we provide one-on-one instruction so that special needs swimmers can learn at their own pace without the pressure of being in a bigger class. These classes are often taught at a slower pace to give adaptive swimmers a chance to be confident in each skill they learn. Each class is structured to each individual’s needs.

Communication from the parent or guardian is key to making these lessons successful. Let the instructor know what you’re looking to get out of the lesson. Before diving into teaching swimming strokes we like to make sure swimmers are comfortable in the water. Rushing this stage can lead to a fear of the pool and a fear of water in general. Learning basic flotation and motor techniques makes the pool and water a fun and comfortable place to be. Remember to be patient with adaptive swimmers and they will be safe swimmers in no time!

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Written by Skyla Kanter, Elite Sports Club – Brookfield Swim Instructor.

Skyla has been teaching with Elite Sports Clubs for over 6 years. Her certifications include LG, WSI, WSIT, LGI. She works with the majority of our club’s adaptive swimmers and is great with them. Gage and Oden’s (pictured above) mom says “My kids have been working with Skyla for 4 years. Gage has down syndrome and wouldn’t get in the water when we started with Skyla and now he is comfortable in the water working on freestyle and kicking on his back.”

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