You Need the Right Kind of Treat

You Need the Right Kind of Treat

You work hard, you need to “treat yo’ self.”

Now don’t run and grab an ice cream cone. That is just going to throw a wrench into everything you worked so hard for. When you treat yo’ self, you need to make sure you treat yo’ self right.

So what do we mean when we say, “treat yo’ self right?” You can treat yo’ self WITHOUT food.

Running for a bag of fries or that cupcake can derail your healthy train. So instead you can…

  1. Watch just an hour or two of junky TV
  2. Get a massage, pedicure, haircut, etc.
  3. Go explore a park, walk around the city, try a new workout class/activity/sport
  4. Get something fun for yourself (like a purse or a new golf club)
  5. Plan a girls night out or a guy’s poker night. Maybe even a date night with the significant other.

The reason why it’s not always the best option to reward yourself with food, is because it can lead to food addiction. Sure you may start out by saying, “I just ran this race, let’s get burgers!” However that behavior pairs food with a positive experience. So the next time you have a good experience, even something as small as a good day at work, you’ll train yourself to want food as a reward.

Especially when weight loss or healthier habits are your goals, you’ll need to properly train your mind to keep the course.

In earlier blog posts we have talked about forming healthy habits and how to get them to stick. “I pee then I do 2 push ups” might come to mind. If we put those habit forming practices into place, it’s important to remain disciplined in your commitment. That discipline needs to extend into your treat days too.

So by all means don’t forget to reward yourself for a good day at work, a significant goal being met, or a little treat “just cuz.” But remember, rewarding yourself with food can put you on the wrong track. So what will you do for a treat!? Tell us in the comments!

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