Get Rid of Bad Habits Through Moderation

Get Rid of Bad Habits Through Moderation

Habits involve different lifestyle choices. Examples of lifestyle choices could be alcohol consumption, technology use, diet, exercise and smoking. Moderation is important for any healthy lifestyle. Too much of anything can be a bad thing, which is why moderation is key. It is possible to break a bad habit and create a good habit with moderation.

For many of us it is hard to get to the gym because it takes up a time slot, which means we need to plan that into our day. Whereas cutting out junk food, alcohol or smoking does not. It seems easier to break a habit that does not take up a time slot versus creating a good habit that does.

Worrying about the ‘time slot’ should not prevent someone from creating a good habit.

We are much more capable than we think we are. Exercising for 30 minutes a day does not take up as much time as you may think. As individuals, we are always on the go. When we think about fitting in anything else into our day it seems overwhelming. Getting through that first obstacle of doubt when creating a good habit can be tough to get through, but it is all about creating that habit. Once that habit is created it will become second nature. It is hard to break a bad habit when that habit becomes an addiction.

 Is it best to quit your bad habits all at once?

Quitting bad habits all at once can lead to failure. Instead of quitting all at once it is best to go slow and make small changes. Here are possible reasons for why going slow and making small changes is best:

  • Creating new habits takes time
  • Patience is key
  • Allows you to remain focused
  • Lets you work through fundamental struggles
  • Allows your mind and body to adapt for long-term success

When creating a habit, it is all about how you make it a habit.

Generating obstacles that will nudge you in the right direction towards a different behavior creates a good habit. An example of this could be using a timer-control when watching television to prevent you from binge watching. If cutting out junk food is a habit you want to break, then simply keeping junk food out of your household will solve the problem.

Finding that motivation to break a bad habit can seem difficult. Having willpower, remaining focused and being patient will help keep that motivation for change. It is also important to note that moderation does not mean becoming fixated on one part of life.

Moderation and mindfulness go hand in hand.

It is okay to watch a few episodes of your favorite television show. Watching five hours of your favorite television show is where there is a problem. Getting rid of the binge watching habit and instead watching television in moderation will generate good habits.

Understanding your bad habits and knowing what your good habits should be is a great start. Once you understand what needs to be modified in your life, then you can create that first step to change. Moderation and mindfulness helps us find balance. Being aware of what needs to change and how to change it will allow you to create and keep healthy habits.


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