Member Stories: Carl Morgano – Returning Has Been a Catalyst for Change


Carl Morgano, a member at Elite-North Shore and River Glen, has taken advantage of the Elite reopening to get his health back on track. During quarantine, Carl had experienced problems with high blood pressure. Now that he’s able to exercise again, his health has improved immensely!

1. When did you become a member at Elite?

I believe it was 2015 or 2016.

2. What made you want to become a member?

The fitness facilities and the amenities are perfect for our three sons. They love the fitness facilities, the Quad, and the outdoor pool, and often visit with friends who are also members.

3. How do you use the clubs?

I primarily use the club to work out and occasionally shoot hoops in the Quad afterwards.

4. How has exercise helped to keep your health in check?

Prior to quarantine, I had a routine of working out 5 days a week in the early morning with my oldest son.  Along with medication, these workouts helped me keep my weight and high blood pressure in check.  During the quarantine and subsequent closure of the club, I became sedentary and put on 10 pounds.  My blood pressure became much harder to control, resulting in several tweaks to my medication and testing for other underlying issues.

I returned to the club on the May 22 reopening date and resumed my normal workout routine.  Within the first couple of days of working out, I could see my BP begin to drop. After a week, I was routinely finding myself within acceptable ranges. Over the next several weeks, my results have continued to improve dramatically and my doctor couldn’t be happier with the turnaround. She has even jokingly called some of my BP results “too low”!

I feel great and am fully convinced that returning to the club has been the catalyst for my change. I couldn’t be happier and look forward to continued improvement!

5. How did you feel about coming back to the clubs? Were you surprised about any of the changes?

I had no reservations about coming back to the club. The detailed plan that Elite published prior to reopening gave me every confidence that it would be safe to return and use the facilities. The only surprise was that almost all of the equipment was still available for use. I figured social distancing would have eliminated some of the cardio equipment but great planning and prep work saved the day!

6. What advice would you give to anyone who is still hesitant to return to the clubs?

I would recommend that anyone hesitant to return personally visit and observe the various safety practices in action. The Elite staff is very diligent about cleaning equipment after member use and signage located throughout the club helps remind members of best practices to ensure everyone’s safety. Members have been equally cognizant of sanitizing the equipment after use, only adding to the overall health and safety level. I have not had a single health concern in just under of a month of being back and am fully confident each time I visit the club.

Have a story similar to Carl Morgano? We want to hear about it! Whether it be of weight loss, a testimonial of how happy you are to return, accomplishing a goal, or some other unique aspect of your life that makes you ELITE!

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