Member Stories: 90+ Club – Jim Williams

Member Stories 90+ Club – Jim Williams

When it comes to living a long life, one can assume that eating healthy and remaining active are the two key ingredients, but after talking to a few of our 90-year-old members, there seems to be a third very important ingredient: having positive relationships. See how Jim Williams utilizes the clubs and finds a strong sense of community at Elite Sports Clubs.

Friends and Fitness

Back in 1959, Jim Williams joined Elite Sports Clubs because his friends with whom he played tennis suggested he join. Originally, Jim came to the club with the Elm Grove Tennis Club, but now he comes on his own three times a week. All the friendly folks and the desire to stay in shape is what drives Jim back to the club day after day. When he comes to the club, he spends two hours on the fitness machines and one hour in a yoga class. But don’t be fooled by the extensive amount of time spent in the fitness center. He has been caught taking a quick power nap on the machines before! The excellent facilities and the friendly staff are his favorite things about the club. Mike Bolan especially has been a pleasure for Jim to work with due to his friendly personality and the welcoming community he has created in his yoga classes.

Jim’s advice for living a long and happy life: “Have four daughters who will spoil you.”

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