Include Your Pet in Family Fitness

Include Your Pet in Family Fitness

You want to make sure your family is healthy.

Providing your family with healthy meals, making sure everyone stays active, and keeping everyone’s general wellness level high, is a top priority for you.

While these things are extremely important and should always remain at the top of your list, it’s important to include everyone in your family wellness plan.

This includes your pets.

Keeping your pet healthy is just as important as keeping your children or significant other happy (and at the end of the day, how different are your kids from your pets…) A pet, like any other family member, needs proper nutrition, exercise, and love and attention in order to live a healthy and balanced life. Pets also keep family members happy, and act as a way for children to learn about responsibility.

So this month we are going to be taking a look at how pets, and dogs in particular need to maintain a healthy lifestyle just like people do, and how when dog and master work together, everyone can benefit.

And remember, just like in people, nutrition is key for dogs. Make sure you research what kinds of dog food are good for your breed of dog. Do they need a large breed dog food? Small breed? Should I feed my dog a certain kind of food based on health risks in their breed? These are all important questions to ask before you select a dog food based on a commercial you saw that one time with the cute puppy. Share the responsibility with your family by making one person in your house in charge of feeding the dog.

Another family member can be in charge of dog walks. The length and frequency of these will also vary by the breed, size, and age of your pet. You can even incorporate regular walks into your family together time and exercise routine, going on family walks with your dog after dinner or before putting the kids to bed.

Stay tuned for more tips on exercising with your dog and healthy nutrition for the whole family.

How do you and your dog help each other stay fit? Tell us your story and it may be featured here on the blog!

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