How to Stay Full All Day

How to Stay Full All Day

We all face the problem of what to eat each day, and even more so of what to eat that will ensure that we can make it to our next meal without being overly hungry. When taking these into consideration, it’s not just how much you eat but what you are eating as well. Here are a few tricks to help you stay full all day.

Go for More Fiber

Vegetables, beans, and whole grains all have a high amount of fiber when consumed in their natural form. These foods with high fiber take longer to digest and stay in your stomach longer.

This means that your stomach sends signals that you are full for a longer period of time, helping you fight off that mid-morning snack.

kidney beans

Stay Full with Whole Carbs

Although you may hear people cutting carbs everywhere, you do have other options. Whole carbs are not turned into sugar and fat like their white processed-grain counterparts. Your blood sugar will stay even, helping keep your hunger satisfied so you can stay full until your next meal.

whole grain bread

Eat More Lean Protein

Protein is a great way to improve your diet and enhance your workout potential. Meats, chicken, seafood, low-fat dairy, legumes, lentils and soy products are all great choices to help you stay full.

TIP: Prepare your meat using low-fat cooking methods like grilling and baking.


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Curt Minter Personal Trainer at Elite Sports Clubs

Written by Curt Minter, Certified Personal Trainer at Elite Sports Club – North Shore and Elite Sports Club – River Glen.

Curt has a B.S. in Health and Human Performance from UW Platteville, is an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and American Sports and Fitness Association Cycling Instructor. He specializes in Balance, Strength, Endurance, Weight Management, Fitness Event Preparation, Energizing and Enjoyable Fitness, and Health & Wellness Guidance. Curt lives by the philosophy of “Every Journey Starts With A Single Step.” – Lao Tze. And he believes that no matter where you are in your life it is never too late for a healthy start.