Healthy Rewards for Being Healthy

Healthy Rewards for Being Healthy

Congratulations! This week you did a great job working on your health and wellness. Don’t you think you deserve a reward? But perhaps we should make those healthy rewards…

Maybe you made it to the gym to get your exercise in, maybe you made healthy home cooked meals all week, swapped out an unhealthy snack for a better option, got enough sleep, or even took some time to mentally rest. Regardless of what you accomplished, here are some ways to treat yourself without derailing your health train.

Healthy Rewards Ideas:


  1. Frozen Yogurt Dipped Blueberries – a pop-able, delicious, fun, and easy snack!
  2. Ginger Peach Popsicles – Sweet with a little kick. A perfect yummy summer treat!
  3. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Ice Cream – Easy to make in a blender, plus it has a banana base so no heavy creams are needed!
  4. Espresso Crinkles –  These yummy coffee cookies go great with coffee or wine.
  5. Wine. Is there really an explanation needed for this one? Red wine is great for your heart.


  1. Massage – Not only does a massage feel great, the benefits are just as good.
  2. Pedicure or Manicure – A mani/pedi is always a treat. But it’s also very very good for you.
  3. Facial – Improved circulation, anti aging, and emotion benefits are just a few of the great things a facial can bring to the table.
  4. Bubble Bath – Sprinkle in some bubbles, essential oil, light a candle, baths are great for sore muscles and tired minds.
  5. Take a Nap – Improved alertness, improved mood, and improved memory. Not to mention more sleep!
  6. Bike Ride – Apart from being fun and getting you outside, riding your bike improves mood, posture, and joint flexibility!
  7. Shopping – Everyone loves a little retail therapy every now and then. Improved mood plus cardio and strength training from walking around and carrying bags!

It’s important to take care of yourself, and that comes in two parts. You need to keep your body healthy but you have to live a little too. So don’t forget to treat yourself along the way on the road to a healthy lifestyle, and if your reward can be healthy too, even better.

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