The Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth

For decades, there have been different methods and products that promote longevity and everlasting youth. Whether it was using honey as a natural moisturizer, herbal clays to detoxify the skin, or olive oil for nourishment, these ancient methods used by Grecians, Romans, and Egyptians were the start of an everlasting industry that we now know as cosmetics. Using night creams, oil serums, caffeine-steeped face masks, and anti-aging eye creams all seem like a valid, quick fix option to aid in the anti-aging process. But, with all the new skincare items on the market, how can we tell what truly works? What will help us age backwards? Is there a secret for firm, hydrated, and dewy skin? The answer is, yes!

Radiance in the right exercise

Eating right, exercising, staying hydrated, and getting adequate sleep are all key components of aging gracefully. Nothing can completely stop the process of aging, but there are so many physical steps that we can take to help us feel and even look younger! Any regular form of physical exercise will help to keep your mind and body agile for years to come. Exercise courses such as H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training) have been proven to help mind and body by means of better brain function, quicker muscle recovery, and boosted metabolism. H.I.I.T is a type of fast-paced workout that alternates between short bursts of high intensity exercises, with quick recovery periods. The Mayo Clinic researchers have discovered an additional benefit to using H.I.I.T exercises as well; it can reverse signs of aging at the cellular level.

What this means is that, people who participate in high intensity interval training have improved mitochondrial capacity. Having a higher mitochondrial capacity allows for more oxygen intake, as well as more energy to use throughout the day. Regular exercise helps make nearly every tissue in your body healthier and happier, this means, looking better inside and out. So, we can stop searching for that miracle fountain of youth serum and start the anti-aging process with exercise.

The secret to wellness

While exercising is a crucial component of keeping your mind and body young, another great
way is simply staying hydrated and eating right. Drinking plenty of water can help reduce those stubborn under eye bags that we all try to get rid of with anti-aging eye creams. If you are dehydrated, the body naturally pulls water from your skin cells, which can cause under eyes to look dark and sunken in. The same thing goes for any darkness, discoloration, or uneven skin tone anywhere on the body! Drinking adequate amounts of water everyday (6-8 cups) will help to flush toxins out of the body, in turn, promoting stronger nails, brighter skin, and stronger skin elasticity.

We’ve all heard of beauty sleep, right? How does this work exactly? When your body shuts down for the night and enters a state of deep sleep, the body’s growth hormones increase, this allows damaged cells to repair throughout the night. Falling into consistent sleeping patterns allows the body’s hydration levels
to rebalance; removing excess water while skin recovers any lost moisture. This is a key component for reducing under eye bags, dryness, and wrinkles. Getting enough sleep helps with wrinkles, and it also is crucial to having plump, dewy, and tight skin. When the body is sleep deprived, cortisol (stress) levels are increased causing inflammation in the body. It is easy to tell when you get a bad night’s sleep; sore neck, sore back, and fatigue that last the whole day. Getting enough sleep at night will help to reduce the amount of time it takes for muscle recovery and soreness.

Aging with grace comes from within

One of the most important components of feeling and looking youthful is a balanced diet. Foods that contain natural fats such as avocados, olive oil, nuts, fish, and a plethora of other foods have benefits on skin, hair, and nails. A diet that consists of healthy fats such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids prevent the top layer of your skin from drying out. Foods that contain vitamin A, such as avocados, liver, fish, carrots, broccoli, and cantaloupe, all help to make and maintain new skin cells.

There will always be new and upcoming ways to “magically” look younger, but the truth is, there is no fountain of youth serum. The most important thing to do for the body is to help it feel younger; this can be achieved through eating right, exercising, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep. While looking and feeling younger did not seem important during adolescence, as we age, our bodies need to be kept feeling youthful.

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