Embrace Your Quirks

Embrace Your Quirks

The internet is ablaze with articles, blogs, songs, quotes, you name it…with body positivity. This is a great thing. Far too many people focus on the negatives when it comes to their bodies, “I need to lose 5 lbs,” “I wish I had her legs,” “I wish I had his abs,” “I wish my hair was curly,” “I wish my hair was straight,” etc. What we really need to do instead is learn to embrace our whole selves, quirks and all!

It’s such an amazing movement to see so much positivity in embracing your body and loving it. But we have to love more than just our bodies, we have to be sure to love ourselves as a whole if we want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and outlook on life.

What does loving ourselves as a whole entail?

That means accepting the little things and quirks that make us, well, us! Do you love watching movie trailers? Do you collect lipstick? Do you love documentaries on 1960’s medical procedures? Awesome. Embrace that!

Never be ashamed of the things you love or the things that make you interesting. We see so much about loving your body, but don’t forget to love the person that’s inside it. After all, we keep our bodies healthy and loved because we want them to work for the people inside right?

But it’s also good to remember that not everything about us is awesome all the time. We get angry, we drink milk out of the carton, maybe we interrupt while others are talking or pop our gum. Being able to acknowledge and embrace the things that aren’t so great not only allow us the opportunity to attempt to make change, but also make us more tolerable towards ourselves and others.

When we practice embracing our fun, and not so fun, quirks we encourage the people around us to do the same. Our friends and family begin to capitalize on the qualities that make them great, and work on and understand the ones that aren’t always so nice. In turn, they spread that to their friends who spread it to their family, etc.

So the next time you practice loving your body, make sure you take the time to love the person that lives in it too.

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