The Crazy Amazing Things Your Body Can Do

The Crazy Amazing Things Your Body Can Do

Everyday we wake up, take a breath, blink, and think. Your body is miraculous in what it can do. We walk on our legs, speak with our mouths, we even carry tiny new miraculous bodies within our own.

But let’s not focus on the normal day-to-day wondrous functions of our bodies, let’s take a look at 4 truly incredible capabilities. And by incredible, we mean bizarre.

1. Your Joints Can Predict The Weather

That’s right! Ditch the weather man and listen to your body. When the pressure changes with the weather, it also causes a change in fluid pressure in your joints — causing them to ache. This same phenomenon can also trigger migraine headaches in some people.

2. Superhuman Strength

The reason we don’t all lift cars up off of the streets is because our brain sends signals to the muscles to combat over-straining and injury. However, when put into a difficult or dire situation, our bodies can lift a great deal of weight.

The reason behind this is a lack of inhibition and a rise in hyper-excitement (adrenaline). Your brain no longer fears the risk of injury and gives your body a boost to get you out of trouble.

3. You’re More Likely To Have A Nightmare In A Cold Room

Studies have shown that if you sleep in colder conditions you’re more likely to experience nightmares. Optimal sleeping temperatures range from 62-68 degrees.

4. Decrease Pain By Coughing

If you’re looking to not feel your next shot, cough right before they stick you. Coughing decreases pain signals sent to the brain, so you can experience a small spurt of relief.

All in all, our bodies do amazing things everyday. So keep them healthy with plenty of exercise, sleep, and good nutrition.

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