Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

There are always plenty of reasons to not go to the gym, but there are also so many reasons why you should! Finding motivation is difficult, especially if you don’t have a regular exercise routine established. We’ve identified some common excuses and how you can overcome them mentally!

Common Excuses Not to Exercise

Excuse: I don’t have time.

Solution: This is the most common excuse. The best way to overcome it is by creating an exercise schedule. If you actually block off time in your weekly schedule, you can’t let anything else get in the way. Working out also doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. Schedule 2-3 days a week of moderate exercise for about 30-60 minutes each session. You’ll feel satisfied with your workout and not eat up too much of your free time.

You can always come into the clubs for a lunchtime class too! Each class is structured to accommodate those who have to return to work after an hour.

Excuse: I’m bored of doing the same thing over and over again.

Solution: The obvious answer is to try something new! Elite Sports Clubs offers so many different ways to get active. Learn to play tennis, take swim lessons, try a new group exercise class. We offer plenty of intro workshops which make it easy to get started in a new activity. If you strictly want to stick to the fitness center, a personal trainer may be able to help you break out of your fitness funk.

Excuse: I need to find a sitter.

Solution: Bring the entire family to the clubs! Every club has childcare services in our playrooms so you can have some time to yourself. We also have plenty of ways for your kids to get active, such as tennis lessons, swimming lessons, music lessons, dance, and more. Families will often come to the clubs together, but split off and do their own individual activities.

Excuse: I’m too tired.

Solution: We’ve all been there – feeling exhausted after a long day. The last thing you would want to do is use what little energy you have left by exercising. Caffeine right before a workout can actually give you a short burst of energy. But a more long-term solution would be to make sure your body is getting adequate amounts of sleep. Set a bedtime for yourself and stick to it.

Excuse: I don’t feel well.

Solution: Even if you’re sick, you CAN still exercise. This is where you would have to listen to your body. If you’re feeling lightheaded, dehydrated, or just plain miserable, you should skip the gym and focus on resting and drinking fluids. But if you only have the sniffles or a mild cold, you can still get in a good workout. We would, however, ask that you follow proper hygienic procedures to disinfect any equipment you use.

Just remember the only bad workout is the one that doesn’t happen. When you make excuses, the only person holding you back is you, so be mentally stronger than them!

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