Battle Ropes Basics and Sample Workouts

Battle Ropes Basics and Sample Workouts

The use of battle ropes in workouts today is increasing tremendously. Gyms are providing them and trainers are continuing to incorporate them into client’s workouts. With the many benefits and simple execution, they’re becoming more and more popular for active people everywhere. According to John Brookfield, creator of the original battling-ropes system, “They’re a must-have tool for anyone looking to pack on lean mass. The key to their effectiveness is that they work each arm independently, eliminating strength imbalances as they sculpt your muscle…they also provide a killer cardio workout.”

What are Battle Ropes?

Using battle ropes is a complete strength and conditioning program like no other. It was created and developed by John Brookfield, a multiple world record holder and author. After developing the system for over a year and using them for his own personal goals, he decided to show it off.

The results were what mattered, and they were there. Anyone training with battle ropes was pushing themselves to the limit and seeing results, even world-class athletes. The battle ropes system lets people not only shed a few pounds but also get in better shape with a “user-friendly” workout. Battle ropes come in all shapes and sizes, usually between 26 and 50 feet long and 1 to 2 inches thick. The weight of the ropes can vary as well.

Benefits of Battle Ropes

  1. Quick: Most people don’t have hours, or even one hour, to spend at the gym. Due to these busy schedules and time limitations, some people may not get to do the workout they actually want and get the results they really want. With only a short time at the gym, you need to be efficient and get your body working as much as possible. Battle ropes challenge you from the moment you begin and increase your heart rate. They’ll help you burn calories and fat, while increasing muscle and heart rate.
  2. Fat Melter: Workouts with the battle ropes can vary greatly. You can even implement HIIT training into your battle ropes routine, burning calories and fat, 300-500 calories per half hour to be exact. It is more effective and fun than leisurely jogging on a treadmill for a half hour or more.
  3. Muscle Builder: Battle ropes mix in both cardio and weights, knocking a lot of time out of your workout. You can mix in short bursts of maximum heart rate while still working your muscles. Battle ropes are a great way to push your muscles and metabolism to another level at the same time.
  4. Anywhere and Everywhere: You can do battle ropes anywhere you want. All you need is an anchor to wrap the ropes around. Whether it’s at the gym anchored around a pole or outside wrapped around a tree, you can go anywhere convenient for you. They’re also super simple to set up; just wrap and go!
  5. Variety: Not only are you mixing it up from your normal treadmill or elliptical workout, but working out with battle ropes has the chance for change as well. On machines or even running outside, you’re limited in what you can do. Maybe you go backwards on the elliptical or add in some intervals on the treadmill, but with the ropes you can change your workout every time. You can change the duration, the movement, the interval and more. There are countless ways to workout with battle ropes.
  6. Low Impact yet Big Results: Not only can you change up your workout, but you can change the level too. You are in control and can shape it to any level you want it to be. It can be high intensity or low impact based off your strength and your goals. Minimal stress is placed on your joints, letting your muscles do all the work.
  7. Multiple muscles: This isn’t like doing a bicep curl and working one muscle, or even a pull up and working a few muscles in your upper body. Instead, you’re working your shoulders, arms, abs, and also your legs. Depending on your workout, you have the ability to target all four of those muscle groups. Throw in squats or lunges during your set to incorporate lower body while working your arms on the ropes.
  8. Not Your Typical Resistance Training: Unlike normal strength training, constant movement must be maintained to keep the ropes flowing. This creates more beneficial outcomes because our upper bodies are not used to the force and speed needed to keep the ropes going. Velocity training gives your body something that weights, like dumbbells, cannot.
  9. Unilateral Dominance/Imbalance: The waves tell a story. If you watch the movements carefully, you will notice that one side of your body may move differently than the other; it may generate a smaller wave, be more uncoordinated, etc. The cool part about Battle Rope Training is that over time, these differences go away. Slowly, you will notice your right and left sides start to balance out.

Who can and should use Battle Ropes?

Battle ropes can be used by anyone regardless of their goals, mainly because you control the system, it does not control you. Exercises can be more or less challenging and can be easily changed to meet someone’s fitness levels and goals. The ropes also don’t require high impact on the joints, only muscles, so those with joint problems can use the ropes as a resistance training option that won’t cause them more pain, but rather increase their strength and fitness levels.

This system can be used for any fitness goals someone may have. Battle ropes incorporate both resistance and cardiovascular training that can be adapted for any age or level of fitness.

Example Battle Ropes Workouts

Battle Rope Complex #1: Perform 2 rounds, 20 seconds each, with 10 seconds rest between rounds.

  • Double Arm Power Slams
  • Double Arm Waves
  • Alternate Waves
  • Grappler Hip Tosses (Stage Coaches)
  • Lateral Waves (Snakes)

Battle Rope Complex #2: Perform 5 rounds, resting 90-120 seconds between rounds.

  • 20 Double Arm Waves
  • 20 Jumping Squats (no rope)
  • 10 Jumping Power Slams
  • 20 Push-ups
  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Power Slams

Summary of Battle Ropes use and benefits

Overall, battle ropes have begun to sweep through the fitness world and help people work towards their fitness goals. This fat burning, calorie blasting and muscle building exercise gives the results desired, while also having more fun than 30 minutes on a treadmill. The different levels and options available for working out also make them great for every athlete, lifter, and runner.

Where to get Battle Ropes

You can buy your own set of battle ropes at certain fitness or sports stores and online at places like Amazon. Otherwise use them at your health club in the fitness center or during group exercise classes.

Let us help! One of our certified personal trainers can incorporate some battle rope workouts into your customized fitness plan.

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Written by Libby Aik, Public Relations & Communication Studies with an emphasis in Sports & Fitness. Edited by Alex Shapsis, Fitness Director at Elite Sports Club – Mequon & North Shore.

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