Acclimating to Your Exercise Routine After Quarantine


Welcome back! The “safer at home” restrictions have been lifted and Elite Sports Clubs are now open for those who are comfortable to come back. We as staff are beyond excited to see our members and hear about how they have been doing during our time at home. As you look to return to a new sense of normal, here are a few fitness tips on how to acclimate to a fitness routine after quarantine.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up if You Took A Break

For some members, getting in regular exercise/activity was part of their daily routine and that is awesome. For some members though, for whatever reason, exercise was not a priority and that is okay. During those challenging 8.5 weeks of being at home, there were so many other things that could derail even those with the best intentions. Being a spouse/partner, teacher, friend, parent, housekeeper, disinfector, IT department, landscaper, multiple-meal short-order cook – little kids can be pretty demanding, among other jobs. All of the feelings, both good and bad, that went with it could be completely exhausting. There were some days that I felt like I did not sleep for 2 days straight and there was no way I was going to work out.

For those who were not able to keep up with your fitness routine, first, give yourself some grace. A lot of us were just focused on trying to feel safe and whole. Take your step back into fitness gradually.

Restarting Fitness Routine after Quarantine

As we begin back into our fitness routines there are a couple of guidelines to keep in mind.


If you were a person who is coming back to working out after “safer at home” and were not able to focus on your fitness, start with walking, preferably outside. Getting in a couple of 30-45 min. walks a week is a great way to help the body get moving again and does not require a lot. Then begin to work yourself back into a routine here at Elite.

Flexibility & Mobility (Warm-Up)

For most of us, the time at home meant more time than usual being sedentary, either sitting watching “Tiger King” or trying to explain to your child the value of advanced algebra. We should always focus on a warm-up but coming back after the lay-off, give yourself an extra 5 minutes or so to get warmed-up. Pay special attention to the mobility of your ankles, hips and shoulders.

Group Exercise

If you are a person who enjoys doing group exercise class, first remember to sign up for your class! As we are easing back into our class offerings, and more importantly abiding by 10×10 spaces for our members, safety space is limited. So if you want to take classes, you are now required to sign up in advance. Second, remember rocking that lunge track in BodyPump with 20#’s on the bar before the club closed? It might be prudent when returning to lower the weight down for the first couple of classes to allow your muscles to acclimate. The next morning will probably feel a little better .

Weight Lifting

Whether your choice is free weights or using the machines, returning should be done with a bit of caution as well. Most people did not have access to dumbbells, barbells, or even weight machines while being cooped up for 8.5 weeks. So easing back to this is important for two reasons. First, similar to group exercise, easing in will help muscles acclimate better and allow you to build consistency quicker than going beast mode and being so sore you cannot move for 3 days. Second, in regards to free weight options, safety is a concern. Free weights allow you to explore a greater range of motion without being supported. So easing back in can also help you avoid injury by realizing that the weight is a bit too heavy in a vulnerable spot.

If you need the individual attention and expertise of a personal trainer, we are still here to help! Our clubs have designated personal training zones to ensure the safety of you and everyone else coming back to the clubs. You can book a training session with me by clicking the button below.

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Jason Liegl Certified Personal Trainer at Elite Sports Club - Mequon

Written by Jason Liegl, Certified Personal Trainer & AMP Program Director at Elite Sports Club – Mequon.

Jason re-joined Elite Sports Club-Mequon in 2008. He holds a BS in Fitness Management from UW-Parkside. Jason is a certified personal trainer through ACE. He is also certified by Titleist Performance Institute as a level 1 Golf Fitness Instructor, Functional Movement Specialist level 1, Functional Movement Systems level 1, Kettlebell Athletics level 1, and Precision Nutrition level 1 nutrition coach. Jason has experience in training athletes from almost every sport. His belief is that with a solid foundation and hard work, any athlete can get bette

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