8 Things to Remember for Indoor Tennis Season

It’s that time of the year again, tennis players – we’re bringing the matches inside! So for all you indoor tennis lovers, here are some things to remember as you prepare for the upcoming season…

  1. No, there isn’t anything wrong with your racquet. The tennis ball striking the racquet just makes a different sound indoors than it does outdoors.
  2. Beware of ceilings and ceiling fans. Depending on the tennis club you are playing at, you now have to be conscious of high ceilings, lower-angled ceilings and large fans. Why are we stating the obvious? To remind you to strike with caution – and we don’t want anyone to experience this:
  3. Welcome to the dark side. Tennis lighting has gotten much better on indoor courts over the years, but it still can’t replace natural light. And sometimes lighting positioning can cause a glare. It’s the worst (but we make it work because of our love of the game).
  4. You’re people watching doesn’t have to end. Sure playing outside got you used to seeing parks, schools and playgrounds. But while playing indoors, you might just see people walking by the windows or exercising.
  5. It’s a plus for those of you who aren’t fond of nature. No wind, no blazing hot sun, no bugs buzzing around you, no mood swings from Mother Nature – sounds wonderful doesn’t it?
  6. Feel like you have deeper groundstrokes. A big factor in coming indoors to play tennis is the pace of the ball – the pace is generally much faster.  You’re required to be on your toes – LOOK OUT!
  7. Score a rematch with your arch nemesis after a bad game – with a legit excuse. Curtains and netting are around and between each court, which can hinder a player’s ability to maneuver. Challenge him/her for a rematch, but make sure you’re ready for it (they’ll never fall for that excuse twice!)
  8. Saved by the bell. Since you won’t have a watch or phone on you while playing, indoor courts usually have a bell or tone that rings every half hour to indicate the end of your court time.

Keep these things in mind, and your transition to indoor tennis will be that much easier. See you on the courts!

By Marty Badt, Elite Sports Clubs Tennis Pro & Member Services Representative

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