5 Reasons Why You DO Have Time to Workout

How to Make Time for a Workout

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You have probably heard the often-quoted “a one-hour workout is only 4% of your day” mantra. Well, it’s true! And it’s up to YOU to decide how you allocate those hours of your days. So, here’s a few reasons why you do actually have time to workout.

One: How much television do you watch?

We’re sure you have heard this one a million times over, but with all the great technology out there like Netflix, Hulu, and DVRs; you really can watch your favorite shows on your own terms—and with fewer commercials!—which not only saves time overall but also gives you the opportunity to schedule your day/evening the way you want. So, set aside a few hours on one day for those TV shows, and use that freed up an hour or so on a different day to workout.

Two: You don’t have to do it all at once.

Just as frequent, smaller meals throughout the day have become more popular, so can shorter more frequent workouts. Break up a longer workout into shorter sessions throughout the day. A 20-minute run, 20 minutes weight lifting, and 20 minutes of stretching/yoga quickly adds up!

Three: Me time or family time, either can be workout time.

You absolutely deserve a little time for yourself once and a while, so why not use that “me time” to work out. Maybe that’s the time you spend taking a class together with friends. Need to spend more time with your family? Take the kids with you! Run, walk, bike, play basketball—all great ways to spend time with your loved ones while still breaking a sweat. This Friday, consider skipping movie night and instead head to the club for a competitive family tennis game perhaps.

Four: Find an activity you love.

We find time for things we value or are passionate about. If you value your health and actually enjoy your workout, you’ll WANT to make time for it each day. This could include swimming, tennis, basketball, golf, and volleyball, among many other fun ways to get fit.

Five: Multitask!

We already know you are doing it for everything else, why should exercise be any different? So, we gave you a hard time earlier about watching TV, well why not watch and workout at the same time? There’s plenty of easy exercises you can do at home while you catch your fav “can’t miss” show: pushups, planks, squats, tricep dips, lunges, not to mention the hundreds of exercises you can do if you happen to own free weights, exercise ball, or flex bands. Need to get in your cardio? Most cardio equipment at the club is equipped with its own personal television.

Elite Sports Clubs

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