5 Places to Find Inspiration

It can be difficult to find inspiration this time of year. It’s still cold, but spring is almost here. The buzz of the new year has worn off, there aren’t any big holidays to look forward to, and now is the time that people usually throw their resolutions to the wind.

At Elite, we encourage you not to let this slump time of year get the best of you. And the best way to find your inspiration to keep going, work harder, be the best version of yourself, is actually a lot closer than you think.

Find Inspiration In Nature

March is a time when the seasons are slowly going to start to change. It’s the period from which we go from bitter freezing cold to a warmer sunnier season. Beautiful things come from hardship, just how pretty flowers and blooming trees come after the dead of winter. So be like the trees or the flowers, be strong and get through the hard times.

Find Inspiration At Work

This one seems hard, but it really isn’t. Take a look around your workplace and find someone who has been working really hard or has been doing a good job. Maybe take a lunch break with them and find out what they like about their job or something big they might be working on. Better yet, don’t talk about work at all! Learn about their personal life and see how they live their life. You may be surprised about what people do in their spare time or cool hobbies they may have. Either way, you may be inspired by something they have to say!

Find Inspiration At Home

This is especially true if you have children. One of the many cool things about kids is their ability to be absolutely themselves. They love to share their crazy ideas, they aren’t afraid to put themselves out there, and they aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Take note of your children’s courage, or maybe the courage of a spouse who balances work, the family, the little league team, the the parent teacher board.

Find Inspiration at a Social Gathering or Through Volunteer Work

Being around different types of people opens your mind to different ways of life, different struggles, different points of view, and different interests. Maybe it’s taking the time to talk to some new people in your tennis league, or maybe take up volunteering. These are all situations that are great for fostering some inspiration.

Find Inspiration at the Gym

Well of course we are going to mention the gym! But it is true. The gym is a great way to find people who are just trying to better themselves. Whether it’s trying to lose a few pounds, maintain a healthy body, get help with nutrition, or a place to socialize, the gym is fabulous for meeting people who take time out of their busy day to work on themselves. Elite also features member stories on our blog, we know our members all have something to share, so we like to provide the voice for them to do so!

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