5 Exercise Myths Your Trainer Wishes You’d Stop Believing

5 Exercise Myths Your Trainer Wishes You’d Stop Believing

Are you killing it in the gym and not seeing the results you’d like? Chances are you’ve fallen victim to bad advice. Here’s a handful of exercise myths to get you moving in the right direction and working your body to get the best results.

1. Lift less weight with more reps to get toned.

Why this isn’t so: Skipping the heavy barbells in favor of lighter weights with lots of repetitions won’t get you toned. To get toned, you need larger muscles and less fat. Challenging your body through heavier lifting and combining your strength training routine with regular cardio is the way to go. You will burn more calories, build more muscle and get the body you’ve been working so hard for.

2. Just doing cardio will help you lose weight.

Why this isn’t so: For optimal results, it’s best to combine cardio with strength training to trim the waistline. Cardio increases your metabolism instantly, but dwindles shortly after your cardio workout. Strength training keeps your metabolism going for hours after your workout.

 3. Crunches are the key to flat abs.

Why this isn’t so: Crunches don’t burn off many calories and they isolate a small portion of your abs. Moves that involve your shoulders and butt engage your core more effectively. Planks and bridges are better exercises to whittle your waistline and strengthen your entire core.

4. Running is bad for your knees.

Why this isn’t so: Runners’ knees are no less healthy than those of people who don’t run. To keep your knees healthy, it is recommended to combine running with a total-body strength routine. This will build up the muscles that support the knees and reduce your chance of getting injured.

5. The more, the better.

Why this isn’t so: If you exercise every single day, you risk the chance of overtraining. Your muscles need time to recover after tough sessions to avoid injury. Be sure to take regular breaks in your routine, whether it’s every other day (for beginners) or once a week (for the more advanced).

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