10 Healthy Things to be Thankful For

In honor of Thanksgiving, we present you with a list of 10 healthy things to be thankful for…

  1. Family & Friends
    ure they can get on your nerves and sure, sometimes, when you’re confined in a building with your family for the entire day you question your decision to come to this event. But they’re your support system, a shoulder to cry on, people to share accomplishments and adventures with — you wouldn’t be you without them!
  2. Laughter
    people laughing together
    Laughter has an effect similar to exercise like increasing blood flow, boosting your immune system, lowering blood sugar levels, and helping you sleep better. One study found that 10 – 15 minutes of hearty laughter can burn up to 50 calories!
  3. That it’s Never Too Late to Start Being Healthy!
    Adult Health Exercise Ladies
    No matter how “old” you are or think you are, it’s never too late to start being active. Becoming physically active at any age significantly improves health compared to those who never start.
  4. Wine
    red wine in glass
    Red wine in particular. (Now who’s got “Red, Red Wine” by UB40 playing in their head??) Red wine has healthy antioxidants called polyphenols that might help protect your heart’s lining. Red wine also contains resveratrol which is shown in some studies to help prevent blood vessel damage, lower bad cholesterol, and help prevent blood clots. On top of all that it pairs incredibly well with turkey — cheers!
  5. Books
    book with pages
    They don’t just tell amazing stories and take us to amazing places but they also provide a slew of health benefits. Reading helps keep your mind sharp helping prevent mental decline with age and even ward off Alzheimer’s disease. Good reasons to crack open a book by the fire!
  6. Every Single Day
    today I am thankful quote
    Even when times are tough, each new day gives us the opportunity to experience different things and write a new chapter in our life’s story.
  7. Expressing Gratitude
    gratitude quote
    If you’re thankful for someone or something they’ve done for you, tell them. Psychology studies show that an “attitude of gratitude” makes us more likely to have a stronger immune system, a healthier diet, and get more exercise while helping improve mental alertness and our ability to cope.
  8. Music
    Music, quite simply, is amazing! It helps motivate us during workouts, guides us through a bad breakup or loss, makes us happy when we’re feeling blue, and brings back some of our favorite memories. Music also helps decrease anxiety, stress, and boost immune function. So grab a microphone (or a turkey leg) and sing your heart out!
  9. Having an Extra Long Holiday Weekend
    Loading Long Weekend

    Four-day weekends are the best! Two days never seem to be enough to recover from the stress of the week. That relaxation is crucial to help fend off burnout and keep our immune systems strong.
  10. YOU!

    Be thankful for YOU—we are! Not just because you’re awesome (which is a given, obvi) but also because without all of you, we wouldn’t be here, we wouldn’t have this wonderful community of health.

From all of us here at Elite Sports Clubs, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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