July 1-31, 2019

Set a lap swimming goal this month and help raise funds with Team Sierra to preserve Wisconsin waterways! Get friends, family, and co-workers to help you make an impact by donating or joining the team. Then track your laps at Elite Sports Clubs to work towards your total lap or distance goal for the month of July. Each person that participates in the lap swimming challenge will raise money through his/her own fundraising page that you can send to family and friends and write a personal message on why you are participating.

Join the Elite Sports Clubs group on the Wisconsin page (teamsierra.org/wisconsin). This way, all of the funds go directly to the Wisconsin chapter and efforts to preserve clean waterways in our very own state! From there, you can sign up, create your own page, and see how much has been raised collectively among all our members at all locations. Laps/distance will be tracked via posters at each pool and/or via your own digital tracking device. Then you can post your progress on your fundraising page to share with all your contributors. This sense of accountability and working towards the greater good will push you beyond what you ever thought was possible!

Watch this video (2:31) to learn how to personalize your personal fundraising page.

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