youth tennis nutrition

Tennis is a great physical outlet for young children as they develop motor skills and learn to think quickly on the court. However, physical activity requires proper fueling for growing bodies. Our on-staff nutrition coaches provided some basic youth tennis nutrition tips.


10 Facts About Stress and Diet

We’re all guilty of stress eating at one point or another. And let’s be honest, there’s a lot in life to stress about. However, don’t let your eating habits slip while under stress. Here are 10 facts related to stress and diet.


Platform Tennis Milwaukee

Wisconsin winter is almost here (shudder), which often means the beginning of indoor hibernation and the end of fresh air outdoor physical activity. For all you tennis aficionados out there, Elite Sports Clubs offers a unique solution to the indoor tennis winter blues – Platform Tennis. Learn about the sport and how you can start playing Platform Tennis in Milwaukee! (more…)

sugary cereal nutrition

Every night, millions of Americans hit the sack for a 7-8 hour opportunity to recharge the batteries. As we sleep, our bodies work hard to keep our hearts pumping blood, our lungs breathing, and our brains constantly functioning. This takes work on the part of the body, and in the morning, our body is looking for nutritious nourishment. Why then do so many of us replenish with sugary cereals? (more…)

Drink Water for Weight Loss

There’s so much more to water beyond just quenching your thirst! Did you know that drinking plenty of water is a key component to losing weight? Learn how staying properly hydrated will help you achieve your weight loss goals.


The 80/20 Food/Fitness Rule

To achieve a healthy lifestyle, the foods you eat should work in harmony with your fitness routine. In fact, it is a ratio of 20% fitness experience and 80% dietary input, according to the experts. Your food intake can be a powerful force in providing you with good fluids, special electrolytes, and super energy sources following a workout. (more…)

When it comes to eating, you want to choose foods that are not only enjoyable, but give our bodies valuable nutrients. This doesn’t apply to just what foods we eat, but also how much we are eating. Having presence of mind when snacking will allow us to enjoy the foods more and make better decisions. Here are 5 mindful snacking techniques.


exercise hydration

Many exercisers know that they should stay hydrated when exercising, but three questions often asked are how much, when, and what? This article is meant to inform the reader of the current recommendations that address these very questions. In answer to the first two questions, here are some general guidelines to follow about fluid replacement from The American College of Sports Medicine and other such societies. (more…)

7 Classes That Will Give You a Total Body Workout

When you’re crunched for time but still want to sneak in a total body workout, Elite offers several classes that will do just that. Get the most bang for your buck, so to speak, by working your whole body in 60 minutes or less.


7 Life Changing Benefits of Playing Tennis

Whether you’ve never picked up a tennis racquet in your life, or yours has collected some dust over the years, it’s never too late to get into the game and experience the benefits of playing tennis! Here are 7 ways participating in tennis can improve your overall health, wellness, and happiness! (more…)