How Our Metabolic Weight Loss Program Works:

  1. PLAN: We’ll design your plan and weight loss steps in a 60-minute personal training meeting.
  2. PERSONALIZE: Workout with your trainer through 8 small group sessions with customized exercise intensity to enhance your progress.
  3. REASSESS: Adjustments will be made for the remainder of the month to ensure your success in a 30-minute personal training meeting.


How We Help You to Achieve Your Weight Loss:

  • Access to all Elite locations
  • 60-minute initial personal trainer meeting
  • 30-minute progress-check trainer meeting
  • 8 small group training sessions
  • MyZone belt: complete workout tracking software & trainer communication
  • Over 100 exercise classes
  • Daily check-ins with your personal trainer
  • 4 meetings with a nutrition specialist
  • MZ-20 scale body composition & intensity level tracking



Your First Personal Training Session: Our friendly trainers are here to help you get started towards your weight loss goal. In your first session, your trainer will work with you to best schedule workouts, small group training, exercise classes, check-ins, and nutrition coaching into your week. You’ll also spend time learning some of the basics of cardio and strength training so you feel prepared to get started.

Custom Exercise Program Design: Your trainer will create a custom month-long exercise program for you to follow. Your routine will take into account your health history, current exercise ability, available time, preferences, and of course, your goals.

Weekly Group Nutrition Coaching: In these group sessions, you’ll learn more about creating a well-balanced diet and how to work on your current eating style and habits so you can successfully tackle your weight loss goal.

Biweekly Small Group Training: You can always guarantee a successful workout with small group training. An Elite trainer will guide the group through a series of strength and conditioning exercises twice a week, designed to give you an effective and safe full-body workout. You’ll be challenged and have fun, too!

Daily Myzone Tracking & Check-Ins: To help you stay on track, you’ll have daily check-ins with an Elite trainer. This could be a text message or a quick Myzone activity check-in. Our goal is to offer you the extra bit of accountability and motivation that will give you a boost along the way.

Your Second Personal Training Session: About halfway through the month, you’ll have an opportunity to touch base with your trainer for a one-on-one session. This time can be used to make any adjustments to your plan, go over exercise technique, discuss training tips, and overall, ensure you’re heading down the right path.