Milwaukee Venue for the Best Kids Birthday Party

You want to make sure your kid has a blast on their birthday. However, planning a child’s birthday party can be somewhat of a hassle to organize. Of all the Milwaukee birthday venues, Elite Sports Clubs will help take away the stress of planning the party and make sure your child has the best birthday party ever!


Pandemic Weight Loss Tips

A year in, and many of us are struggling mightily with our weight. Even if you’ve been coming in to the club and getting some exercise, consider the activities you are NOT doing. The lack of community activities like sports attendance, theatre, concerts, fairs and other gatherings mean less activity and more isolation. We are avoiding stores as we can, so we aren’t even walking/standing doing our shopping. This has caused unprecedented depression, which also leads to less activity. Now there is hope on the horizon, so let’s start a program that gets you back on track. Here are some pandemic weight loss tips. (more…)

Tennis Pro Highlight - Heather Harding-Zukewich

Heather Harding-Zukewich is an experienced tennis pro at Elite Sports Club-West Brookfield. She loves helping her tennis students young and old develop their skills and passion for the game. Learn about Heather’s tennis experience and her advice for beginner tennis players!


Safety First - Abdominal Bracing and Breathing

Safety is the #1 priority when it comes to weight training. Having poor lifting form can result in back pain or severe injuries to your spine. Using abdominal bracing and breathing techniques will give you proper posture and stabilize your back while lifting. (more…)

Instructor Highlight - Katie Van Arendonk

Katie Van Arendonk is a certified yoga instructor at Elite Sports Club-Brookfield. Learn about Katie’s background teaching yoga in Milwaukee!


Staff Highlight - Ariana Sparapani

Ariana Sparapani is the new Aquatics Director at Elite Sports Club – Mequon. Ari has been with Elite for quite some time in a variety of different roles in the Aquatics department. Join us in congratulating her on her new position and see what she enjoys about working at Elite! (more…)

Instructor Highlight - Kristen Wick

Kristen Wick is a certified yoga instructor at Elite Sports Clubs. Before becoming an instructor, Kristen benefited from the spiritual and physical healing powers of yoga and now shares them with her students. Learn more about Kristen’s yoga teaching experience and what to expect in her classes.


5 New Fitness Classes to Try This Month

Bored of the doing the same old fitness routine over and over again? Looking to try some new fitness classes? Here is a list of some popular choices so you can try something new and challenge your body.


Instructor Highlight - Ellen Nagy

Ellen Nagy is a certified group exercise instructor at Elite Sports Clubs. Ellen shares a special connection with her class participants and loves to help them along on their fitness journey. Learn more about her fitness background and what classes she teaches in this blog highlight!


exercise class mistakes

Group exercise classes are a great way to get in your daily workout, and there are plenty of options to choose from. Plus, each instructor brings their own style and personality to the classes they teach with new workouts every time you attend. However, without the one-on-one attention of a trainer, there’s a chance you’re making one of the following exercise class mistakes. (more…)