What Makes an Athlete Great? Every young athlete has a dream of becoming the next big star in their respective sport. But how do the world’s greatest athletes reach the upper echelon? Let’s look at what determines athletic success. (more…)
How to Avoid Temptation Around the Holidays The holiday season, also known as the season of extra calories, is upon us. Everywhere you turn you’re bombarded with cookies, candy, chocolate, appetizers, drinks, and more! Most Americans gain weight during the holiday season and few end up losing that weight after the holidays have ended. Follow these tips to keep you on track and away from holiday temptations. (more…)
Empowering You to Make a Positive Change We have the power to create positive change in our lives. Let’s empower each other to have the motivation and spirit necessary to make the worst things into the best things, whenever possible. Learn from the inspiring stories below of how two Elite members made positive change in their lives.


10 Indoor Workouts to Do During Winter While some people look forward to winter, many others aren’t a fan of the cold weather. The snow and biting temperatures are enough to leave you unmotivated to do just about anything. However, if you get moving and active at the gym, you can warm your body right up and fight that cabin fever! Avoid letting your exercise routine “go cold” by doing these fun indoor workouts during winter. (more…)
The Relationship Between Alcohol Consumption and Exercise Certain alcoholic beverages may have some health benefits, ranging from wine’s positive influence on insulin sensitivity and beer’s positive association with bone density when consumed in low to moderate amounts. However, if you’re trying to ramp up your fitness, alcohol consumption may impede your progress. Below are some not-so-fun facts about alcohol and how it potentially disrupts the journey toward your fitness goals. (more…)