Elite’s dedicated, college educated, certified personal trainers are at your service. Their knowledge, caring, and positive attitude will motivate anybody. We will get you started by setting attainable goals and timelines. Your trainer will put you on a plan that is right for you and your body, while staying by your side every step of the way to encourage and motivate you. You will be taught the proper techniques for exercise and strength training, making your workouts more efficient and therefore saving you time and help you see results faster. You can choose from personalized options to fit your schedule, or a more affordable option with group training.

Why personal train?

Attaining Results
What is a reasonable goal, and how soon can you get there? Our trainers and fitness professionals will guide you in setting attainable goals within a realistic timeline. This means less frustration and better workouts.

Whether it’s one-on-one attention from a personal trainer or the encouragement that comes from working out with like-minded individuals; you will stay motivated. You’ll be challenged to safely push beyond your perceived capabilities.

Helps to increase adherence to an exercise program. Creates accountability for the client through goal sharing and establishing regular appointments.

More Efficient Workouts
We can teach you the proper techniques for exercise and weight lifting, making your workouts more efficient. Our trainers can set you up with an individualized plan that will save you time and help you reach your peak fitness faster. Not to mention, decreased plateauing by providing variety within workouts.

Accommodates Special Needs
Trainers are experienced and educated in designing programs for clients dealing with health issues, pre or post surgery, rehabilitation, disabilities, or any number of special needs.

Private & Semi-Private Training Rates

Private Training

Private: 30min…$40, 60min…$65

Semi-Private Training

pricing is per person

2 People: 30min…$32.50, 60min…$45
3 People: 30min…$27, 60min…$35

Intro Package

new clients only

Private: 3, 60min sessions for $120

Small Group Training

Elite Sports Clubs offer many group training options to its members which can often be more affordable than personal training. Training with a group provides a social environment where you are held accountable for your fitness routine.

Our small group training program follows 6-week sessions that progress in difficulty over that period, while still offering modifications for different fitness levels. Programs usually use a specific modality, or equipment not offered in our complimentary group exercise classes. Like personal training, you will be working with a certified personal trainer who will help you track your progress and improvements over time.

Our focused small group training programs include, but are not limited to:

  • High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Heart Rate-Based Training
  • TRX Suspension System Training
  • Tai Chi
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Barre
  • Swim Fit Training
  • Tennis Conditioning
  • Golf Conditioning
  • Off-Season Cycle Training
  • and more!

See a trainer for available groups, programs, and schedules!

Small Group Training Rates

pricing is per person, groups are made up of 4+ people

30min 6-week program…$79
45min 6-week program…$89
60min 6-week program…$99

How to Choose a Trainer

Questions to ask:

  1. Does their motivation and communications style align with yours?
  2. Do they fit your schedule?
  3. Are they educated or experienced in the skills or specialties you’re interested in?
  4. Are they your preferred gender? (Yes, you’re allowed to ask this!)
  5. Do they specialize in YOUR age group?
  6. What if you don’t just don’t “jive” with your current trainer?


Bottom line, you have to feel a connection with your trainer and they have to motivate you to be your best self.