Red Dot, Green Dot, Orange Dot, or Yellow? While you might be eager for your child to progress from a low compression ball to a higher bouncing ball quickly, there’s quite a number of benefits from starting out on a red dot ball. We’ll explain why it’s still important to start slow before we advance our junior players to larger court sizes and yellow balls. (more…)
Continue With Exercise During Cancer Treatment If you or someone you love is dealing with cancer, and currently undergoing cancer treatment, you might think exercise is off the table. You would be wrong. Exercise has a slew of benefits for those undergoing treatment, including reducing fatigue, keeping you social, retaining crucial muscle mass, and maintaining your stamina. So what kinds of exercise work best during cancer treatment?


Eating Chocolate May Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease How many of us out there would jump for joy if we learned that eating chocolate was good for our health? New research is emerging that suggests small amounts of chocolate may help reduce your risk of heart disease. (more…)
Member Stories - Geoff Mykleby – Successful Swimming We’re extremely proud of our members. Over the years their work out agendas and sporting endeavors serve as healthy examples of how it feels to be “Elite,” and how exercise not only adds years to your life, but life to your years! Today we’d like to highlight another member’s experience:

Geoff Mykleby has been a long-time member of Elite Sports Clubs with his wife Kathy. A regular swimmer for most of his life, Geoff still competes at a high level after training hard at the clubs. Learn about some of his latest triumphs on the national stage! (more…)
Snack This, Not That - Recipes for Healthy Snack Alternatives Elite Sports Clubs dietitian Sarah Brunner was featured on Fox 6’s Real Milwaukee in a segment titled “Snack This, Not That.” Sarah gave healthy alternative for common snack choices and demonstrated some healthy snack recipes. If you want to try some of the recipes mentioned, they are listed below! (more…)